Recalculate Pricing

Last edited 10/15/2021
Recalculating pricing in Tentaroo updates all registrations that are not paid in full, whether they are finalized or in the cart, to the current early, base, or late rates set for your event. This handy tool can be found on the Event Dashboard in the Tools box.

You can also recalculate pricing on a specific registration via the Numbers Wizard.

When is it Necessary to Recalculate?

For events that use Numbers (Spots) and that lock-in pricing based on Date Paid in Full, recalculating pricing is required to update registrations to the current rate at the start of base and late pricing.

This applies to both Just Numbers (Spots) and Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods if pricing is based on Date Paid in Full. Learn more about methods of locking-in pricing.

Best Practice - prior to recalculating pricing, it is generally a good idea to send invoices to all groups at least a week ahead of the date pricing will increase to remind them to make payments to lock in earlier rates.

You should recalculate pricing:

  1. When rates increase from early to base and/or from base to late.
    • On the date pricing increases, use the Recalculate Pricing tool on the Event's Dashboard to recalculate all registered groups.
    • Any spots not paid in full by that date will go up to the new rate, including finalized registrations and registrations in the cart.
  2. When you have changed the pricing for an event that has existing registrations.
    • Recalculating pricing will adjust all spots to the updated rate, even if the new event rates are lower.
  3. When you add or modify your automated Free-Leader Ratios.
    • Do not recalculate pricing on Events in the past.

Let's Make it Work!

  • Select the Event Type.
  • Select the Event.
  • On the Event Dashboard, click Recalculate Pricing in the Tools box.
  • A popup will appear explaining what this feature does. Click Continue to confirm.
  • Repeat on any other events that have changed pricing.

You can now download fresh reports showing all the new rates in the system.

Recalculate For a Specific Registration

Pricing will also be recalculated automatically every time a user goes through the Numbers Wizard and then checks out of the cart.

This only occurs for events that require Numbers (Spots) and are under event types set to calculate pricing based on Date Paid in Full.

Let's Make it Work!

  • Go to the group's registration.
  • Click "Manage" or "Manage Spots" to launch the Numbers Wizard.
  • Go through all steps of the wizard to add the registration to the cart, then checkout. Rates on just this group will be recalculated.

When is Recalculating Not Available?

In an event that locks-in pricing based on Date of Registration, pricing is locked in when the registration is added and will not recalculate. This includes all Just Names events and any numbers event that is set to lock-in pricing based on Date of Registration. The Recalculate Pricing button is not available on these types of events. Pricing adjustments are made in the Names Wizard by overriding individual rates (Just Names events, only) or in the Numbers Wizard by managing spots (numbers events that lock-in pricing based on Date of Registration).

The only exception to this is for Event Types that use Numbers, lock-in pricing based on Date of Registration, AND have Free Leaders set up. In this instance, the Numbers Wizard has a button for admins to Apply Leader Ratios and when the group manages their spots, the free leaders will recalculate while all other rates are tied to Date of Registration.


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