Registering for Events

Last edited 9/30/2020
The following sections will show you how an admin can register a unit or individual for an event, along with the different admin overrides available.

To learn about the user experience of registering for events visit

Select Account

  • Click on "Select client" on the top right of the application.
  • Select the search icon and find the account you wish to register for an event.
  • If no account exists, select the + icon to add a new account.

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Account Home Page

After you select the account, you will be sent to the account home page.

On this page, admins can:

  • Manage Profile - update username, login credentials, contacts, and enable Allow Facility Reservations. Admins can also email the login credentials to the primary and alternate contacts.
  • Manage My Group - Add/delete/modify members of group.
  • View Previous Orders - View available credit, export audit log, manage previous orders and issue Refunds and Convenience Fees

From the home page, select Events from the left menu or click GO TO EVENTS on the main section of page to enter the Event Module.

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Event Module

In the Events Module, you will see four tabs:

  1. Available Events - these are future events that are open for registration.
  2. All Upcoming - these are all future events, including those for which registration is not currently available.
  3. My Events - future events this group is registered for.
  4. My Past Events - past events; the group's past events will appear at the top and all other events from the past 12 months will appear below. The group only sees their past events.

Click on the event you are working with.

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Event Information Card

Once your Event Type is selected, you will see more information about that event type as well as a list of upcoming events. This page will also allow you to see just the events for which this group is Registered and their Past registrations.

Click the event you are registering this group for.

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Registering for Event

This screen will show you all the event details.

  • When
  • Where
  • Pricing
  • Important dates
  • Classes or Options
  • Products available


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Registration Wizards

Depending on the type of Registration Method, the following screen with either ask you to provide the number of participants coming (the Numbers Wizard) or to register an individual (the Names Wizard).

In this example, we will use the Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration method. The Numbers Wizard will launch first, and the Names Wizard will be used to name the group's spots when names registration begins. Admins can register names at any time. Click here to view a popup of the Names Wizard.


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Numbers Wizard - Spots

Enter the number of spots for each participant type. You can type directly in the boxes or use the + and - buttons.

Click NEXT.

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Numbers Wizard - Group Options

Add group classes and options. Click here for more information on adding Group Options.

  • Click on ADD OPTION to assign to the group.
  • Added Options appear on the right and admins with permissions can MANAGE the quantity and pricing.
    • Number of spots to override: The default, zero, applies the option to every eligible spot in the registration. You can limit the number of spots this option is applied to by changing the quantity to a number equal to or lesser than the number of spots the group has registered.
    • Fees: Admins can override the Registration Fee / Spot (can be negative only if the item is configured as an Event Option) and the Upfront Amount Due / Spot.
  • Save Changes to update the class or option.

Click NEXT.

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Numbers Wizard - Ordering Products

  • Enter quantities for products and add to registration.
  • Admins with sufficient permissions can modify the price of products. Click on MANAGE to modify price.

Click NEXT.

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Numbers Wizard - Campsites

  • Users will choose their 3 top campsites. The Event Type setup defines if this is optional or required. It is always optional for admins.
  • Final campsite assignments are done by council in the admin interface. See Event Reports page for more information (Groups, .pdf) on groups' campsite preferences. To assign campsites see Creating Events (Tab 5).

Click NEXT.

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Numbers Wizard - Confirming Registration & Adding to Cart

Confirm details and add current payment amount. If no payment has been received, admins can enter $0 and submit the order without payment.

Registrations are not final until checkout is complete even if no payment is due upfront.

Click COMPLETE to add the registration and payment to the cart. Event availability and class capacities are verified at checkout.

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Registration Summary

After adding the registration to the cart, you will be redirected to the Registration Summary page where you will be able to:

  • View Financial Summary for event. Expand Balance to see financial details.
  • Go to Checkout.
  • Pull event reports (Only available after checkout process)
  • Manage Spots - Launches the Numbers Wizard to update spots, classes, products, and campsite preferences.
  • Add/modify Participants - Launches the Names Wizard to add or edit named participants and their classes.
  • Manage Registration Options. Launches the Numbers Wizard to edit options.
  • Manage Product orders - launches independent Products Wizard - or purchase additional products. Finalized products can only be modified or deleted by an admin.

Remember to checkout out of cart, click on CHECKOUT to add payments and finalize all items in cart.

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Checkout of Shopping Cart

In the Checkout screen, admins can:

  • View and edit
  • Decide whether or not to Use Credit or Apply Overpayments.
  • Update the primary & secondary contacts for account.
  • Enter billing contact.
  • Select payment methods (Credit Card, eCheck, or At Council)
  • Add notes to the order.

Page will also display:

  • Accepted payment methods.
  • Return Policy - Contact to update policy.
  • Privacy Policy - Contact to update policy.

PLACE ORDER to complete. If an additional Refund Policy has been added, a popup will appear followed by Submitting Your Order (Credit card is being run). If the credit card transaction is approved, a success Order Submitted popup will appear. From here receipt is available. Receipt, automated message, admin notifications and council notification will be sent.

Afte popup is closed, admin will be sent to accounts homepage and newly added event will now appear.

Account Homepage

The account homepage is the main starting point for working with an account. Users will land on this page when they initially login. Admins will land here when they select an account to work with.

Select a registration to:

  • Adjust numbers - Just Number (Spots) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.
  • Assign group options - Just Number (Spots) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.
  • Register participants and sign up for classes - Just Names (Participants) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.
  • Assign Camperships - Just Names (Participants) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.
  • Order products - All event registration methods.
  • Manage profile - User name, password, contacts, and enable/disable facility reservation permissions.
  • Manage group members - Add/modify/delete youth and adults from roster.
  • Modify previous orders - Issue refunds & charge convenience fees, view credit on file

On this page we discussed Registering for Events utilizing the Just Numbers (Spots) and only the numbers portion of the Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods. 

To learn how to register participants and register for classes click here. This applies to Just Names (Participants) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.