Payment Reports

Last edited 01/08/2020
For event and financial management, Tentaroo offers several payment reports to provide the information you need for closing out events and reconciling online payments. Below are instructions for running the reports and a summary of each. See Accounting for details on reconciliation with

First, enter the start and end date range for your data. Then click on one of the following reports.

Report Description Example
Excel A simple list of payments received. Excel
Excel, with Events A list of payments and to which events they have been applied. Excel, with Events
Excel, Audit Log Payments, credits, and other transactions; combines event, facility, and Form Builder transactions and includes Payment ID from Excel, Audit Log
Excel, Form Builder Online payment data from your Form Builder forms. Excel, Form Builder
Excel, Accounting Totals The Accounting Totals export downloads a zip file with seven excel reports:
  1. All Online Payments - filters the Audit Log and Form Builder data to just online payments for reconciliation with
  2. All Payments - filters the Audit Log and Form Builder data to all payments, including offline payments, for reconciliation with your council point of sale.
  3. GL Account Transfers - notes amounts moved from one GL Account to another, including refund transactions.
  4. Online Payments by Date - batch totals for each day.
  5. Online Payments by GL Account - batch totals for each GL account for event tracking.
  6. Audit Log - included for reference.
  7. Form Builder - included for reference.



We are always happy to assist with Reports and Accounting training.