Create New Event Type

Last edited 4/30/2021
Each new event is created under an Event Type. An Event Type sets the basic structure of your event and is used from year to year for all calendared occurrences of this type of event.

Event Types are used to categorize events that are similar in the following ways:

  • Same Location.
  • Same Event Contact.
  • Same Registration Method.
  • Same questions asked of participants.
  • Reoccur annually or semi-annually.

Example: Summer Camp

  • Event Type: Scouts BSA Summer Camp
    • Location: Tentaroo Scout Reservation
    • Contact: Tentaroo,
    • Registration Method: Numbers and Names
  • Webpage: Event Module Page, Summer Camp (Learn about Event Module pages on your Tentaroo website.)
  • Events:
    • 2021 Week 1
    • 2021 Week 2
    • 2021 Week 3
    • 2021 Week 4
    • 2021 Week 5
    • 2021 Week 6
    • 2021 High Adventure Week

Event Type Modal

To enter the admin interface for the Events Module, click on Events from the admin panel on the left side of the system. This launches the Event Types modal. From this modal, you can add a new Event Type or select an existing Event Type to work with. You can also Duplicate an Event Type to make use of existing settings and/or to change the Registration Method. Event Types are sorted alphabetically, with those that have upcoming events filtered to the top of the list.

  • New Event Type - Click the white plus icon in the blue bar at the top of the modal.
  • Search - Use the magnifying glass in the blue bar at the top of the modal to search for an Event Type. 
  • Three Dot Menu
    • Open - Goes to Events list.
    • Edit - Goes to Event Type Settings.
    • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the Event Type with most settings in place.
    • Delete - Delete/deactivate the Event Type.
  • Show Deleted/Restore - Includes all deleted Event Types in the list with the option to Restore the Event Type to the active list. If an Event Type is deleted, groups cannot access past records or view past registrations. Restored Event Types include all past data.

New Event Type

The first step of adding a new Event Type is selecting the Registration Method. Fill in other required details such as event type name, location, and event and registration dates, then click Create. Once created, you cannot change the Registration Method for this Event Type. 

After your Event Type is created, you can continue to modify it under Settings.

Duplicate Event Type

From the three dot menu of the Event Type modal, select Duplicate. This allows you to make a copy of an Event Type with many settings, such as location and contacts, preserved. This also gives you the opportunity to change the Registration Method if you are changing how registrations are being processed for this type of event.

After your Event Type is duplicated, you can continue to modify it under Settings.

Manage Event Types

Click on an Event Type in the modal or use the three dot menu to either Open (goes to the Event list) or Edit (goes to Settings) your Event Type. Once the Event Type is loaded, you will have a set of options in the blue bar navigation at the top: Events, Products, Reports, Message Center, and Settings. You can switch between these different sections as needed to manage your Event Type. To learn more about these different sections, click on the corresponding button below or from the menu on this page.



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