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Last edited 11/12/2020
The PAGES section organizes all pages of every type into one list, with a card for each page. This list of page cards is displayed alphabetically by page title, and each page card displays an icon and label for the page type and shows the short URL (i.e. /about-us).

Adding a new page, finding and editing an existing page, and quick management tools for each page card are described below.

New Page

Click the green NEW button to launch the Page Type Selector to begin building a new page. The page menu here on our Admin Manual explains all the features of the page editor, whether you are starting a page from scratch or editing an existing one.


Search and Filter

The page list has several search and filter options to make your pages easier to find.

  • Page Type - use the dropdown to select a page type to show all pages of that type.
  • Search - type the page title or part of the short URL to find a specific page.
  • Advanced Filters - click the "funnel" icon that looks like three horizontal lines to display additional filters. Toggling any of these on (orange) to expand your search.
    • Include Past Events - applicable to Calendar Events when All Pages is selected.
    • Include Expired Blog Articles - applicable to Blog Articles.
    • Show Deleted - applicable to ALL pages.
    • Event Category - applicable to Calendar Events when that page type is selected.
    • Start Date From - applicable to Calendar Events when that page type is selected.

Management Tools

For each existing page, there is also a three dot menu on the right of the card. This menu allows you to preview the page in your web browser on a new tab, to copy the link for the page to share, launch the page editor (clicking on the card will also launch the page editor), or quickly delete the page. Once a page is deleted, you can find it again by searching while deleted pages are shown, and click the RESTORE button to reactivate the page.


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