Class Types

Last edited 1/22/2020
Class Types are used to build classes for your events and can be added to at any time.  Class Types are not just for merit badge classes. 

Common uses: 

  • Camperships
  • FOS Discounts
  • Transportation Options
  • Early arrival options
  • Basically anything you want an individual or group to select other than products.

Add a Class Type

Name your new class type, assign it to a program area, and upload a picture if desired (square is recommended). Requirements should be a comma separated list of requirements you plan to teach at camp, and descriptions can be anything you like and will appear with the class when scheduling. If the class is a merit badge, checking the Merit Badge box will include it in the blue card reports.

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Merit Badge Requirements

When your system was created, we preloaded the current merit badge requirements for all current merit badges. Each council can add, modify, or remove requirements for any class type. Updating requirements as BSA changes them is up to each council and can be done easily. We have consolidated the latest requirements from the Merit Badge section of into a spreadsheet to make it easier to update your requirements as they change. These changes affect all new class participants and will not alter previous records. You can also find current requirements in the Guide to Requirements 2019 found here:

Merit Badge Requirements Spreadsheet*

Many merit badges include options within a requirement, i.e. "Requirement 4: Complete 2 of the following: a, b, c, d" and are displayed in the class type requirements section as "4 (complete 2 - a, b, c, d)." To display only the requirements being offered at your camp or merit badge event, replace the displayed requirement options with just those options being offered, i.e. "2a, 2d." The requirements reports will indicate exactly which requirements were offered during that class for the troop to enter for the Scout's records.

*This spreadsheet is periodically updated from for your convenience. It is current as of 1/22/2020 and includes BSA revision dates. You can copy and paste the requirements list into your Class Type to update it.

Best Practice: To streamline the tracking of completed requirements, we highly recommend that you edit the list of requirements to be the specific requirements you plan to teach at camp. This way, there will be a column on the instructor class roster for each requirement being taught, as well as a corresponding button for the requirement when entering completion records.
We are always happy to assist with event registration training.