Class Types

Class Types are templates used to build classes and options for your events and can be added to at any time. They are shared among all Events in the system and can be anything from a merit badge with requirements to a meal option or a discount.

Common uses: 

  • Merit badges
  • Camperships
  • FOS discounts
  • Transportation options
  • Early arrival options
  • Anything you want an individual or group to select other than products.

Add a Class Type

Click the green NEW button (desktop) or the white plus symbol (mobile) to add a new Class Type. Fill in the form and click CREATE at the bottom to save. You can also add or edit Class Types from within the Class editor.

  • Name - a simple identifier for your Class Type.
  • Merit badge - click the SELECT button to view the master list of available merit badges. The current version for each is loaded in our system and is displayed, along with a high resolution image for each badge. 
  • Image - drag and drop your image into the camera icon or click/tap on the camera to upload a picture if desired (square is recommended).
    • NOTE: merit badges will default to the high resolution image on the master item, but you can upload your own custom image if you so choose.
  • Description - this will show during the registration process.
  • Requirements Taught - for merit badges, defaults to all requirements for that badge. Use the x to remove requirements or click the MANAGE button to view the full list and check or uncheck requirements.

Merit Badge Master List

The master list of merit badges includes all currently available merit badges offered by the BSA. Each badge has a complete list of all requirements with the version year, as well as a high resolution image of the badge, both of which are automatically populated in the associated Class Types. As BSA adds, updates, or retires merit badges, our master list will be updated automatically for you with those changes, and you only need to add or remove Class Types and confirm which of the updated requirements you are teaching at your events.

To draw from this master list, you need a Class Type with the correct merit badge assigned. If BSA adds a merit badge, you need to add a Class Type for it, and if BSA retires a merit badge, you need to delete your associated Class Type. When adding Class Types for merit badges, you may want to add a description. You can find the official descriptions on the Merit Badge section of You can also find descriptions in the Guide to Requirements found here:

Best Practice: To streamline the tracking of completed requirements, it is very important that you edit the list of requirements to be the specific requirements you plan to teach at camp. This way, there will be a column on the instructor class roster for each requirement being taught, as well as a corresponding button for the requirement when entering completion records. Click the button below to learn more.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.