Form Builder Reports

Last edited 12/30/2019
Reporting in Form Builder is done in three different ways. The first is an export of entry data similar to data exports in Tentaroo. The second, which is excellent for sharing data with people who do not have admin access to the Form Builder, is to build a Report Widget such as a bar graph or list of entries that can be embedded in a Tentaroo website or minisite. The third is the accounting reports found in the system Reports section of Tentaroo - the Audit Log and Accounting Totals exports include Form Builder payments. 

GL Accounts in Forms - It is very important to include your GL Account number in every monetized form for accounting purposes. Click here and see Step 3: Form Fields for instructions on adding a GL field to a form.

Entries Export

In the Form Manager, click on your form to expand the options. Click on Entries on the left. From this screen, you can narrow down the fields you want to view using the Select Fields button in the top right. To download the entries, click Export in the top left. You can choose to export all fields or just those you selected and then click the Comma Separated (.csv) button. Click Close to dismiss this box.

Reports (Widgets)

In the Form Manager, click on your form to expand the options. Click on Reports toward the right. Here you can build a widget in several different styles including pie charts, bar graphs, and entries grids. Give your widget a name and choose the data to include. Once created, you can modify your widget to customize the display and content.

Your widget will now appear on the Reports screen and can also be embedded in a Tentaroo webpage on a website or minisite just like you would the form itself. Click on Code underneath the widget to copy the widget code and then embed the code on the Connections tab of your page. Widgets will update as entries come in.

Tentaroo Payment Reports

Financial reports for monetized forms are included in the Tentaroo payment reports. 



We are always happy to assist with Reports and Accounting training.