Understanding Event Pricing

Last edited 12/16/2019
In this section, we will cover:

  • The two event pricing types supported.
  • Payment periods (early, base, and late).
  • Pricing tiers (In-Council, Out-of-Council, and Provisional).
  • Online payments (Credit Cards and eChecks).
  • Passing on merchant processing fees to event fees.
  • Requiring full or partial payments upfront.
  • Campsite deposits.
  • Increase Pricing (Recalculate).

Pricing Types

Pricing Type Registration Method(s) Description
Date of Registration Just Names (Participants) Rates are assigned to each Name (participant) based on the date they are registered, even if payment is received during a later rate. 

A group can have one participant register during the early rate period and other participants register during the base or late rate periods. The rates are locked in at registration even if the group pays at the door. This also applies to registrations in the cart.
Date of Payment Just Numbers (Spots) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) Rates are assigned to the Numbers (Spots) based on the date(s) payment is received, even if the spots were registered during an earlier rate. 

Payment received and applied during each pricing rate will be applied to as many spots as possible to lock them in at the current rate, i.e. a group that registers youth and pays half of their fees during the early rate period locks in half of their youth at the early rate. The remaining youth rates increase to base rate and then, if not paid, to late rate.

The day the rate is set to go up (from early to base or from base to late), click the INCREASE PRICING button for each event, i.e. each session of summer camp. This will move all spots not paid in full to the new rate, whether they are finalized or still in the cart.

Flat rate participant types get paid for last since they don't increase; we recommend using flat rates for adults so youth spots are paid for first.

Payment Periods

Early, base, and late rate period dates are set on the event level under the Pricing tab (See Creating Events, Tab 2: Pricing).

  • Set the Early Registration End Date
    • The period before this date is the early period.
    • The period on and after this date until the Base Registration End Date is the base period.
  • Set the Base Registration End Date
    • The period on and after this date is the late period.
  • Late Registration End Date
    • The late period ends a specified number of days prior to the start date of the event as set at the Event Type on the Group & Registration tab. (See Creating Event Types, Tab 2: Group & Registration).
    • The late period can also be disabled at the Event Type, meaning the Base Registration End Date is the date registration for the event closes. This is useful when you have fewer than three rate periods or for free events.

Pricing Tiers

Default/In-Council, Out-of-Council, and Provisional pricing tiers are set on the event level under the Pricing tab (See Creating Events, Tab 2: Pricing).

Set the early, base, and late rates for each participant type. Registrants will pick the participant type as part of Registering for Events.

Additional participant types can be added/deleted/modified at the Event Type.

Online Payments

Defining whether an Event Type will accept Credit Cards and/or eChecks is done at the Event Type.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you have disabled Credit Cards or eChecks for an event, you do not want to require payment upfront as users will be unable to complete their registration.

Merchant Fees

A percentage amount may be added to orders for the Event Type to help cover the cost of merchant fees. This is done at the Event Type Pricing tab.

Requiring Minimum Payments at Registration

Requiring full payment or partial payment per youth/adult can be enabled at the Event Type Pricing tab.

Campsite Deposits

A campsite deposit can be configured at the event (See Creating Events, Tab 2: Pricing). Campsite Deposits are applied to the balance due.

Increase Pricing

Learn about Increase Pricing (Recalculate).


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.