Creating Events

Last edited 4/30/2021
New events are added by selecting the Events button from the admin menu. Once created, an Event has three tabs, the Dashboard, Classes, and Settings.

Adding a New Event

First, select Events from the admin menu.

Next, select the Event Type for the event you want to add from the popup modal. If this event needs a new Event Type CLICK HERE to learn about creating Event Types. 

Click on the NEW event button (+ on mobile).

Enter the name, the start & end dates, and times for the Event.

Enter the registration dates. For Events that use both Names and Numbers, you will have two dates. The date numbers registration starts and the date that name registraton starts. For Just Numbers or Just Names events you will only have a registration date.

Click on CREATE

You will be sent to the new Event's Dashboard. 

Next you will want to go to the SETTINGS tab for the Event and make any changes to pricing and capacity that are specific for this Event. All other settings will be shared from the Event Type settings.

Click on SAVE at the bottom of the page.

You can now add or import classes for the event. 



We are always happy to assist with event module training.