Message Center

Last edited 4/30/2021
The Message Center can be accessed from any Event Type via the top blue navigation bar. Messages are sent from the Primary Event Contact to the primary and alternative account contacts. If a recipient replies to a message, the reply will go directly to the Primary Event Contact's inbox.

Message Center with a list of saved messages, each with a three-dot menu; includes a search bar, "Show Deleted" toggle, and "New" button

Edit Message side-panel with subject field, composition area, and save and send buttons

The Message Center displays a list of all existing messages. These are searchable, and the Show Deleted toggle can be used to display and then restore any deleted messages. Use the three-dot menu to quickly edit, send, or delete a message. Clicking Edit or the green New button will open the message in a side-panel.

Sending Messages

Once Send Message is selected, either from the three-dot menu or from within the Edit Message Panel, a series of pop-ups will appear. First, select an Event from within the current Event Type. Use the toggle to show Events from previous years. If you wish to select an Event from a different Event Type, re-enter the Message Center from that Event Type.

Send Message/Select Event pop-up listing Events from the current Event Type, includes a toggle to "Show Events from Past Years"

Next, choose whether to send the message to all groups registered for the current Event or select specific groups from a third pop-up. Once the intended groups have been chosen, click Send.

Send Message pop-up displaying selected Event and the recipient options of All Registered Groups or Specific Groups, including a Select button

Select Groups pop-up listing registered groups that can be selected, includes Select All and Deselect All buttons

Automated Messages

Each Event Type can be associated with a specific message to be emailed out automatically to groups who create new registrations. This message is assigned under Event Type Settings but must be created and edited within the Message Center.

Click here to learn more about Automated Messages.


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