Message Center

Last edited 12/16/2019
Click the green plus or the "New Message" button at the bottom to create a new message. Enter your Subject and content and click save. All created event messages are listed on the left; this list is shared by all events. 

Recipients include the primary and alternate contacts for your registered groups, and the sender is the Primary Event Contact for both manually and automatically sent messages. If a recipient replies to your message, it will go directly to the primary event contact.

Messages can be sent two different ways: manually to one or all registered groups for the event selected, or automatically to new registrations for all events in a specific Event Type. 

Automated Registration Message: Each Event Type can have 1 automated message sent out upon every initial registration. Write your message in the Message Center, then contact with the message subject and which Event Type it needs to go to. Allow 3 business days for automation. In the new admin interface coming in 2020, the council will be able to manage automation of messages.

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