Last edited 9/24/2020
The Resources section is a digital repository of files that you can assign to pages or use as direct links anywhere on the web. Documents can be managed within the page editor as well as in the Resources section of the website admin interface.

This page addresses the Resources section.

Resource features for admins include:

  • Organize resources into internal categories.
  • Search your master list of resources quickly.
  • Restore previously deleted resources.
  • Replace a current file and all existing links to that resource will automatically direct to the new file.
  • Assign individual documents from any category* to pages.
  • Add any resource to any page or to multiple pages.
  • Manually link to resources within content on your Tentaroo site or on other websites, social media accounts, emails, etc.
  • Embed Image Files - use resource links in your website content.
  • Page Editor Resources - search, assign, add, edit, or delete resources from within the page editor.
  • Menus - link to a resource from a menu item.

*Prior to the launch of the new CMS (Website) admin interface, resource categories were assigned as a whole to pages and all documents would appear on the page. Now, individual documents are assigned to a page and can be chosen from multiple categories. Adding a new resource to a category will, therefore, not automatically add that resource to your page. See Page Resources to learn about assigning resources to a page.

Access Resources

  1. From the Admin menu on the left, select Websites, then click on your site or minisite.
  2. Go to Resources in the blue bar at the top. These are the initial steps for all other instructions on this page.

Manage Categories

Categories are helpful for internal organization of your documents and are not displayed to the public. You can add, rename, or remove categories as needed.

  • Click on the Categories tab.
  • Click the green NEW button to add a category.
  • Search for a category using the Search function. Click the Show Deleted toggle to include deleted categories, which can then be restored. When a category is deleted, files will still be available but you will be prompted to update the resource category next time you edit them.
  • Quickly delete a category using the trash can icon.
  • Edit a category using the pencil icon. You can rename or delete a category here.

Manage Resources

  • Select the RESOURCES tab.
  • Create a Resource
    • Click the green NEW button to add a resource.
    • Enter a name, select a category (you can also add or edit a category from within this box), enter a description (optional), and drag your files to the circle or click on the circle to upload a file from your computer.
  • Find a Resource
    • Choose All Categories or a specific Resource Category.
    • Enter the title in the Search bar.
    • Use the Advanced Filter Toggle (three stacked lines) to toggle Show Deleted or to include deleted files in your search.
  • Copy Link
    • Assign a Resource directly to a page - see Page Resources.
    • To manually link to a file, click on the three dot menu on the right of the resource card. Select Copy Link to add the link to your clipboard. Paste as needed.
    • You can also get a link to copy by clicking on the resource card and clicking the link logo on the file.
      • To embed the link in the Source code of a page, use the following code, where URL is the link you copied: <a href="URL" target="_blank">LINK TEXT</a>.
      • Embed Images - Image files uploaded to resources can be used to add photos within the Content box. Learn More
  • Replace a File
    • Replacing a file will automatically update all links to this file, even outside of Tentaroo.
    • Modify the resource by clicking the three dot menu and selecting EDIT. EDIT can also be accessed while previewing the resource.
    • On the file card, click the X on the right to remove the old file.
    • Drag and drop or click to upload your new file.
  • Delete
    • Click on the three dot menu and select Delete, or
    • Edit the resource and click Delete.
  • Restore
    • Use the Advanced Filters to Show Deleted files. Search for your file and click Restore.


Learn How to Manage Resources in the Page Editor


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