Last edited 12/16/2019
You can upload documents such as PDFs or image files to your website or minisite* Resources and link to the documents wherever you need them. Below are the instructions to add a document to your website resources:

  1. Under Websites, select your site or minisite.
  2. Go to Resources and select your category - you can add additional categories under Options/Resource Categories - then click Choose File to Upload.
  3. Select your file and upload.
  4. To link directly to this file, click Copy Link and choose the short URL to share on your Tentaroo website, or the long URL to share outside of your Tentaroo website.
    • To embed the link in the Source code, use the following code, where URL is the link you copied: <a href="URL" target="_blank">LINK TEXT</a>
  5. To add all documents from this Resource Category to a Tentaroo webpage, go to your page (under Pages, Districts, or Site Events), the Connections tab, and select your Resource Category from the dropdown in the top right.

Updating a file in Resources will automatically update all links to this document, even outside of Tentaroo.

Click Here to Learn How to Add Resources to a Page

*Clients that do not currently subscribe to our Website Module still have access to a "minisite" - a Tentaroo website with limited features. This site is available for hosting forms and for adding photos that are shared with the



We are always happy to assist with website training.