Last edited 4/30/2021
Invoicing users for an Event is a simple and efficient process using the Generate Invoices icon on the left of the dashboard of each Event.

To generate invoices:

  • Click the Generate Invoices icon on the Tools panel of the Event Dashboard for the Event you wish to invoice. A popup will ask you if you want to send to All Registered Groups or Specific Groups. If you uncheck it, you will be prompted to select which group you wish to invoice.
  • You will now enter the amount you wish to bill. The amount to bill choices available are Entire Remaining Balance or Amount to Bill Per Youth. For example, if you enter $200 and a user has already paid enough to cover $40 per youth, they will be invoiced $160 per youth. If a user has already paid more than $200 they will not be invoiced (Unless you check "Include All Registrations").
  • Selecting "Entire Remaining Balance" will invoice the entire remaining balance for event fees, classes and options for both youth and adults.
  • To invoice all groups, not just those with a balance due, check "Include Registrations With No Balance Due." They will then receive a copy of the invoice with $0 due that will show their registration totals for informational purposes.
  • Due Date will appear on the invoice.
  • Invoice Notes are printed at the bottom of each PDF invoice.

Invoices can be downloaded by selecting the EXPORT PDF button - handy for previewing the invoices - or emailed to the primary and secondary contacts of each user account registered for the Event.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.