Last edited 10/12/2020
Facility Availabilities allow you to quickly view all availabilities at a location; you can also quickly edit any facility by selecting the edit icon on each facility.

Facility Availabilities

Grid View

Grid View of Availabilities showing two facilities

Compact View

Compact View of Availabilities showing four facilities at once

Each tab displays a quick view of 3 months of availability for facilities within a Facility Type at the current location. Use the month select above the grid/compact view to see dates further ahead or in the past.

Reading Availabilities

Days on the availabilities calendar are displayed as Green, Grey, or Half Green and Grey.

  • Green days - Available to reserve.
  • Grey days - Not available to reserve. This day is either reserved by another unit or blacked out for council use.
  • Half green and half grey days - Available for checkout but not check-in. This is a day that units have to leave by checkout time as the facility is reserved by another unit or blacked out for council use.

Example availabilities: most of the month is green, with a week of grey days starting with a half-grey and half-green day that is still available for overnight bookings for the night before


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.