Camperships and Discounts

Last edited 9/14/2021
The Tentaroo class scheduling system includes features for personalized camperships and discounts that can be applied to an individual or to spots. The primary difference between settings for a class and a discount is the kind of class: "Class" or "Registration Option."

Class vs Registration Option

A Class is an independent item that can be added to the schedule with or without a fee (Archery Merit Badge for $10) and is always a positive amount.

A Registration Option adjusts the registrant's event fee and can either be positive (an increase to the participant's fee like an add-on) or negative (a reduction in the participant's fee like a campership).

The kind of class cannot be changed after a class/option is created. Please make sure you have selected the right kind of class.

An admin with the correct permissions can adjust the amount of the fee or discount for any class or option in the group's registration.

Both appear on the invoice when a fee or discount is applied, however the class fee appears on the line with the class whereas the event option adjustment is shown with the registrant number or name it is applied to.

Free Leader Ratios: If you have a set free leader ratio as part of your pricing schedule, we can automate those to apply to all registrations for this Event Type. To set up or confirm automated free leader ratios, send us a support request with your ratios.

Setting up Options - includes step by step video

  1. Register Under*
    • Individual - use for camperships or discounts that apply to a named participant.
    • Group - use for discounts that apply to spots in the group. Admins can override the number of spots this applies to.
    • *This setting will only appear on Numbers & Names Event Types.
  2. Kind of Class
    • Set to Registration Option.
  3. Class Type
    • Select your Campership Class Type or add new one.
  4. Scheduling
    • Time Blocks - at least one time block must be selected. You can add more in the Time Blocks section.
    • Days - turn off "All Days in Event" and do not select a day of the week. This prevents your campership or discount from conflicting with other classes or options.
  5. Amount
    • Discount - enter a negative amount, i.e. -150. This reduces the registration fee.
    • Add-on Fee - enter a positive amount, i.e. 25. This increases the registration fee.
    • Campership or discount amounts can be overridden on a case by case basis.
  6. GL Account
    • For Individual Options, you can select the source GL account if it is different from the Event GL.
    • Group options will use the Event GL.
  7. Allow Self Registration
    • Toggle off to make this an admin-only option.
    • Options will appear to the group once assigned and will be included on invoices.
  8. Participant Types
    • Choose the eligible participant types.
    • For Group Options, you can choose "Youth" and/or "Adults" but cannot omit specific participant types.

Camperships Webinar Video

In addition to the step-by-step instructions above, this video demonstrates the entire process of setting up and applying camperships and discounts.

We are always happy to assist with event registration training.