Facility Reports

Last edited 11/6/2020
Facility reports allow you to download the following reports by date range:

  • Trip Itinerary (PDF)
  • Group Trips (Excel/CSV) with optional blackout dates
  • Group Reservations (Excel/CSV) with optional blackout dates

Facility Reports

Within each Location, designate the date range you want to pull reports for. Check "Include Blackout Dates" on Excel/CSV reports to include them in your data. All of these reports are beneficial to the on-site location manager such as a ranger or campmaster.

Report Description Example
Trip Itinerary A collection of itineraries that can be printed off or shared. Each trip's information is presented on a different page. PDF
Group Trips Displays basic information about each trip such as the Trip Name, dates, contact info, number of participants, number of reservations, and totals and balances. Use the Trips export to find out who is coming and when. CSV
Group Reservations The Group Reservations Report goes into more detail about the specific facilities reserved, totals and balances due by facility, plus contact information. Use to see what facilities groups are using. CSV


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.