Admin-Only Facilities

Last edited 10/12/2020
Use our Allow Online Booking feature to control who can reserve specific facilities.

Allow Online Booking

There are three visibility options for facilities:

  • Allow Online Booking: Allows any account to view facility availability and limits reservations to user accounts with Allow Facility Reservation permissions.
  • Disable Online Booking, Show Facility: Allows any account to view facility availability but notifies users that they need to contact council to reserve.
  • Disable Online Booking, Hide Facility: Only admins with adequate permission levels can see and reserve the facility.

Booking Settings card of a facility, with an "Online Booking" drop-down offering "Allow Online Booking," "Disable Online Booking, Show Facility," and "Disable Online Booking, Hide Facility"

Admin Only Reservations

Facility list with a public and an admin-only facility, the admin-only facility has a red circle with an 'A'

To edit an admin-only facility, select a facility with a red A.

Admin-only facilities are reserved just like any other facility and are particularly useful for Mass-Booking Facilities along with Blackout Dates. End users will not see such facilities in their list of available facilities. See the Managing Bookings page for instructions on creating reservations.


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.