Embedding Forms

Last edited 12/16/2019
The Form Builder is a versatile tool available to all Tentaroo clients for collecting data in a variety of ways, and forms can be embedded in Tentaroo websites to share directly with your customers. For councils that don't subscribe to our Website Module, we provide a "minisite" so you can still host your forms on a secure Tentaroo site, then share the page link.

Please note that forms will not work properly if embedded outside of the Tentaroo system.

To embed a form:

  1. In Form Manger, click on the name of the form you wish to embed, and then "Code."
  2. Click once in the Javascript Code box which will highlight the code; right click and copy.
  3. In the Tentaroo website editor, go to the "Connections" tab for your page and paste copied code into the "Form Code" box on the right.
  4. Click "Save." Your form is now embedded below the main content.


If you would like to include a formatted title and description on your webpage, do so in the "Content" tab of the website editor. Then, to avoid duplicate information, return to your form editor and click "Hide Title and Description" in form properties. Once you save your form, the change will apply automatically; you do not need to re-embed your form.

We are always happy to assist with Form Builder training.

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