System Settings

Last edited 5/11/2021
Many of the Tentaroo settings apply system-wide, such as admin accounts and permissions, accounting reports, client (group) accounts, and master lists such as GL (General Ledger) accounts. There are also several system settings that are managed by Tentaroo. 

System settings maintained by Council:

  • Admin User Accounts - Add/delete/modify administrators and their permissions.
  • Working with Locations - Locations are the basic building blocks for both event types and facilities. They are also used in the Website Module for Site Events.
  • GL Accounts (General Ledger)

System settings maintained by Tentaroo:

  • Merchant processing - This information needs to be updated in Tentaroo whenever the API Transaction Key is updated by council.
    • API Login ID
    • API Transaction Key
  • System notifications - Primary council email.
  • Return policies - Displayed on the Checkout page below payment details.
  • Privacy policies - Displayed on the Checkout page below payment details. 

Submit Request to Update Policies

  • Council contacts - Includes the following information:
    • Council Name & Number
    • Address
    • Phone & Fax Numbers
    • Secondary council email - receives all notifications but is not displayed to units.
    • Google Analytics property number - used for tracking web traffic

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