Creating Admin Users

Allowing limited access to segments of the system is one of the hallmarks of Tentaroo. Administrative privileges range from being able to manage groups to editing registrations to system administrators who have total access to all segments.

Admin accounts are currently managed in the Tentaroo Legacy AIR App under the General tab.

Click the button below for a list of common admin roles and which permissions they need in order to complete their tasks.

Admin Roles - Permissions

Admin Permissions Available

Click on the tabs below to see a description of each permission. These descriptions are also available in the Admin Account section by hovering over the blue question mark.

Permission Given Description
System Admin Yes/No Includes all other permissions plus system-wide options such as GL Accounts.
Manage Admin Users Yes/No Allowed to add/remove permissions from new/existing admin users. User is limited to changing permissions the user has.
Manage Products Yes/No Add/edit Products.
Manage Class Types Yes/No Add/edit Class Types and Program Areas, including requirements taught at events.
Manage Groups Yes/No Add/edit Groups, edit Group roster, manage Group cart (including checkout).
Edit Previous Orders Yes/No Allowed to change order items and order amounts in previously finalized orders.
Add Refunds Yes/No Add refunds / convenience fees to the cart from available credit.
View Group's Current Password Yes/No View current password for Groups. Without this, the current password can be changed (if Manage Groups is given), but not viewed.
View Payment Reports Yes/No View reports related to payments on the main Reports tab.
Manage Facility Types Yes/No Add/edit Facility Types. Also includes all facility permissions.
Add New Locations Yes/No Allowed to add new locations. All location and facility related permissions will be given automatically for newly added locations.
Add New Event Types Yes/No Allowed to add new Event Types. All Event Type and event related permissions will be given automatically for newly added Event Types.
Permission Given Description
Manage Event Types All or select Add/edit Event Types. Also includes all event permissions.
Manage Events All or select Add/edit Events, generate invoices, set pricing, increase fees, etc. Also includes all other event permissions.
Message Center All or select Send messages from message center to all registered groups. Can also edit all messages, even if they were originally added for a different event.
Allow Historical Changes All or select Extends other permissions (if given) to include past events. Affects Event Registrations (group), Attendance and Requirements Completed, Event Class Schedule. OTHERWISE, those permissions are only given to current/future events (within the last week).
Event Class Schedule All or select Add/edit classes in event class schedule. Only allowed in current/future events unless Allow Historical Changes is also given. Also includes Attendance and Requirements Completed.
Attendance and Requirements Completed All or select Track requirements completed and attendance. Also change instructor name. Only allowed on current/future events unless Allow Historical Changes is also given.
Event Registrations (Group) All or select Event permissions on the group side. Includes managing participant registrations (*including classes) participant and group class schedules, managing group event registrations (only group side), event summary home tabs (add payment & open group reports, etc). Only allowed in current/future events unless Allow Historical Changes is also given.
Group Event Registration Numbers (Admin) All or select Manage event registration with numbers/estimates on admin side. Also includes Event Registrations (Group) and Allow Historical Changes.
Event Reports All or select View reports related to events on the main Reports tab, also Reports tab under specific events.
Permission Given Description
Edit Locations All or select Includes all other location and facility permissions (other than facility types) plus general location options such as Campsites.
Manage Facilities All or select Add/edit Facilities. Also includes all facility permissions such as facility reports, facility reservations and blackout dates.
Blackout Dates All or select Add/edit facility blackout dates.
Facility Reservations (Group) All or select Facility permissions on the Group side. Includes managing trips, managing reservations, trip summary tabs (add payment & open trip reports).
Facility Reservations Override All or select Also adds the ability to override pricing and various booking rules (based on dates) for facility reservations.
Facility Reports All or select View reports related to facilities on the main Reports tab, also Reservations tab under specific facilities.
Permission Given Description
Edit Websites All or select Includes all other website permissions, except Allow Source Code Changes.
District Pages/Events All or select Add/edit district pages, Tentaroo Events in Districts category, Site Events in Districts category. Also ALL page menus and resources. Can't edit contacts or site menu. Permissions for specific districts will be added later.
Allow Source Code Changes All or select Allows changes to Form Code, Map Code. In the future this will also allow/prevent source code editing in rich text editor.



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