Page Types

Last edited 12/17/2019

Important: Take care to choose the correct page type when creating a page. Once saved, page type cannot be changed.

There are six different types of pages you can build in a Tentaroo website:

  1. Site Pages*
    • A basic content page. Use for pages that do not need to appear on calendar or are part of a district.
  2. Event Module Pages*
    • Tied to an Event Type in the Event Module
    • Redirect from events showing on the calendar
    • Display automated registration buttons
    • Feature the event in the slider at the bottom of the Home page.
    • Photos added to the galleries on this page type will be displayed for the associated event in the Event Module.
  3. Facility Module Pages*
    • Tied to a Location in the Facilities Module
    • Display a reservation button that links directly to location's availability.
    • This type of page allows you promote your year-round facilities.
  4. Blog Pages*
    • A basic blog page that allows publication and expiration dates.
    • Feature these in the slider at the bottom of the Home page.
  5. District Pages
    • Assigned to a specific district.
    • Shows the District Calendar upcoming events at the bottom of page.
    • Shows featured District events in a slideshow at the bottom of homepage.
    • Admins with only district permission can edit this type of page.
  6. Site Events
    • Calendared events that do not use the Event Module, i.e. district roundtables, holidays, and fundraisers.
    • Useful for events that are built in the Form Builder.
    • This type of page will also show time, date, and location information automatically.
* The first four types are all accessed via the Pages tab.


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