Page Settings

Last edited 9/30/2020
The first card of the CMS page editor handles the basic information for a particular web page. The settings available depend on the Page Type. Common settings are discussed below. Please see Page Types for settings unique to certain pages.

Page Title

The Page Title always appears at the top of a page's content and can be changed at any time without affecting any menus or the page URL.

Page URL

Enter the URL you would like for this page. A URL that is short and intuitive will allow you to share simple links on fliers and social media and will also be easier for users to remember.


This toggle only appears on Blog Articles, Calendar Events, and Event Pages. Enabling the featured option creates an entry on the grey ticker at the bottom of the homepage. The entry will display the Page Title and beginning text. An image will be chosen randomly from any in the galleries.

Site Navigation

This section lists where the page is linked in the Site Navigation menus at the top of the website. For example, if "About the Council / Contact Us" is listed here, then there is a link to this page labeled "Contact Us" located in the parent menu "About the Council."

Click on the pen icon to edit a menu item or click the 'X' to delete it. Use "ADD TO MENU" to create a new link. A page can be linked in multiple menus.

Menu on Page

If a Page Navigation menu is displayed on this page, the name of the menu will be listed here. To add or edit a Page Navigation Menu, go to MENUS >> MENUS ON PAGES in the CMS.


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