Content Cards

Last edited 9/29/2020
The content tab hosts the main body of a webpage. By default, the central editor box is set to design mode, and allows you to add and edit content as you would in a word processor. Clicking "Source" to the upper-right reveals the underlying HTML, and is used for more advanced features. See Advanced Page Options for some of the many ways to enrich and streamline webpage content.

Design View:

Source View:

Sidebar Content

The second to last card in the Page Editor, Sidebar Content, allows for custom content on the right side of the page below where page menus, social media links, and sidebar contacts appear.

This section works best with HTML. You can compose your sidebar content in the Content card in design mode, then swap to source view to copy the HTML and paste into the Sidebar Content card. Save, check your formatting, and adjust as needed.


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