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Last edited 8/26/2020
On each page of your website, from Standard Pages to Calendar Events and District Pages, you can upload images in our galleries to display in a variety of ways on any device. Pages with images stand out to visitors and keep them interested in the content. We have a few recommendations to make the most of the photo galleries.

  • Variety
    • Share a variety of images to highlight the best angles of your topic.
    • Each image should stand out for action or show off a facility or location to its best affect.
    • Less is sometimes more - while you should highlight the best of your event or location, you can keep your audience's attention better with five or six quality images than with dozens.
  • Quality
    • Crisp, clean images look fantastic on today's high definition screens.
    • Our image size maximum is 5 MB - enough to get a good photo out there without sacrificing quality.
  • Consistency
    • Especially in the slider layouts, images that are the same ratio (1100x679) will slide evenly.
    • Images that are relatively taller will cause the page content to "jump" as shorter or taller images are displayed.
  • Interactivity
    • Our layouts each have their own interactivity settings, such as active scrolling, viewing larger versions of the images, and hyperlinking. 
    • Schedule publish and expiration dates on any image to automate holiday notifications or keep marketing images fresh.

When you are editing a page, you have a Top Gallery card and a Bottom Gallery card. Both have the same options: 

  • Click Upload Images or drag an image to the camera icon to add a new picture.
  • Choose how the images are displayed on your webpage by using the Layout dropdown menu. Learn more about gallery layouts.
  • Select an image and click on 3 dots to make changes, delete or reorder a picture. Deleted images can be recalled by checking the Show Deleted Photos toggle.

The Top Gallery appears below the page title for most layouts - full width layouts appear above the page title - and the Bottom Gallery appears below your content. 



Adding Photos for the Events Module

Event photos are pulled from Event Registration Module pages on your Tentaroo website**.

  1. Go to your website editor - click on the site you wish to edit.
  2. Click the green New button to add a new page. This will bring up a modal of page types. Choose Event Registration Module.
  3. Enter a Name (i.e. Scouts BSA Resident Camp) and a short URL (i.e. residentcamp) for your event page and then select the Event Type you want to associate with the page. CREATE
  4. Go to the Top Gallery card. Upload Image (5 MB or less). Once you choose an image, wait for the image to appear in the bottom left of the box, then click SAVE and your image will be added to the page.
  5. Continue adding as many photos as you want. They will cycle through the event module page automatically. Each image will be cropped roughly square and will choose the action of the image to display.

**For councils that don't currently subscribe to our websites, we have added a "minisite" to your system at no additional charge. This minisite allows you to add Events Module pages where you can add photos so they appear on the events. 


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Full Width Slider Dimensions

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