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Last edited 11/12/2020
The Resources Card of the Page Editor controls what (if any) resources are displayed on a webpage.

Prior to our CMS update, a resource category was assigned to a page and any new resources added to that category were automatically added to the page. Now, each resource is assigned to a page individually, allowing you to assign resources from multiple categories.

Use this card to directly upload documents such as fliers, leader's guides, campground maps, etc. or select them from the master list of resources stored on your site. Each assigned resource appears as a listed entry. Use the pen icon to edit a resource or press the 'X' to remove it.

IMPORTANT - Editing a resource will apply those changes across your site. If you want to swap resources, add a new one and remove the old.

Selected resources appear on your webpage in a sortable table below the bottom image gallery:

Assigning Resources to a Page

Assigning a resource to a page will insert a responsive table with all your assigned resources, their descriptions, and a link to download.

Click MANAGE to add resources. A pop-up will appear listing all files currently stored as resources on your website, sorted by resource category. All checked documents and images will be displayed on your page. Use the plus sign at the top to upload a new resource. Make sure to click save in both the Select Resources pop-up and in the Page Editor.

Copy Link

  • To manually link to a file within your content or elsewhere, click Manage in the Resources Card. Find your resource and click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Click the link logo to copy the link to your clipboard. Close this box and close the Manage box without assigning the resource to the page.
    • To embed the link in the Content card, switch to Source view and use the following code where URL is the link you copied and LINK TEXT is how you want the link to show in your content: <a href="URL" target="_blank">LINK TEXT</a>.
    • Embed Images - Image files uploaded to resources can be used to add photos within the Content box. Learn More
    • Advanced Page Options - We have other options to make your embedded links stand out on your website, such as buttons and responsive tables. Learn More


Learn How to Manage Resources in the Resources Section


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