Managed Features

Last edited 8/9/2021
There are several features managed directly by Tentaroo. Please select any of the features below to submit updates or customizations to the support team.


URL Redirects - We can add URL Redirects (also referred to as URL Forwarding). URL Redirect is a technique which is used to redirect your domain's visitors to a different URL.


Free Leader Ratios - We can add automated Free Leader Ratios to any Event Type that utilizes numbers (spots), reducing the amount of manual adjustments needed. Learn more about Free Leader Ratios.


Privacy and Refund Policies - The privacy and refund policies on the bottom of the checkout page can be customized for your system. This is also an ideal place to add Terms of Use, if applicable.


Custom Fields for Participant - Additional custom questions for participants can be added to any Event Type that uses names. Learn more about Custom Fields for Participants.


Additional Event and Facility Pricing Tiers - Pricing tiers can be added to your system. This will expand your pricing structure and allow you more flexibility in what you charge your units, groups, and non-scouting organizations.


Checkout Terms and Conditions - A pop-up notice can be added to any Event Type at the Checkout page. This notice can be different for each Event Type. Learn more about using Checkout Terms and Conditions.


Akela Import - We can use your Akela export file to update your units and rosters. Learn more about Akela Exports - In order to process credit card or eCheck payments in the system, we need your API Login ID and Transaction Key. These credentials must be updated anytime they are changed.


Website Join and Support Tabs - Both the Join Scouting and Support Scouting tab names can be changed. 



We are always happy to assist with questions and training.