Frequently Asked Questions

Last edited 9/13/2021
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How do users contact the Council for support?

Users can visit our to view a list of our councils. Telephone numbers are listed next to each Council name, and they will have the option to request support.

Request Support

Which types of payments does Tentaroo accept?

Councils can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and eChecks with both the Event and Facility Modules.

The Form Builder accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Additionally, mail-in-payment options can be configured for the Form Builder.

For paying your Tentaroo invoices, we accept eChecks and paper checks. Your invoice payments can be sent to, Inc., PO BOX 451, Dunedin, FL 34698.

How do we add a module?

If you are interested in adding more services, you can contact Enrique Bellafieri at (727) 733-1871 or

To learn about pricing: Tentaroo Pricing

Why can't someone reserve facilities?

There are multiple scenarios when a facility cannot be reserved.

  1. The account does not have permission. Permission is set on the account Profile. Unit accounts are automatically given reservation permission when an account is created. Individual accounts are NOT given automatic permission. An admin has to manually enable "Allow Facility Reservations".
  2. The facility is booked.
  3. The facility has a blackout date.
  4. The location has facilities that can only be booked by an administrator.
  5. The location does not allow booking.

Why can't someone register for an event?

The most common reasons for not being able to register for an event are:

  1. Registration Start Date(s) are in the future.
  2. The event has not been added to system.
  3. The event capacity has been reached.
  4. The event is in the past.
  5. The Event Type does not allow registration during the late period.
  6. The registration is too close to the event date.
  7. The "Show Youth" or "Show Adult" tabs on the Event Type have not been enabled.

Does Form Builder support HIPAA Forms?

For your security and the security of your clients, we have a few important policies and guidelines we follow.

  • Annual Health and Medical Record
    • Tentaroo software is not intended to collect HIPAA protected medical information.
    • Councils are not to use the Tentaroo or Form Builder software to digitize the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) in any way.
    • This includes sending or receiving completed copies of the AHMR via email or form submission, using a form or event fields to recreate the AHMR for submissions, or adding completed AHMR documents to the resources for the website.
    • This policy is in alignment with the Boy Scouts of America's policy regarding digitizing the AHMR:

How can users learn to use the Tentaroo system?

Tentaroo offers a user training manual at:


We are always happy to assist with training.