Working with Summer Camp

Last edited 3/7/2023

If at Sunday check-in you run into a problem, don't force anything through, send a detailed message to and we will reach out first thing on Monday to help answer your questions.

Welcome to the Working With Summer Camp Video Series! This is a series of helpful videos to guide you through a better summer camp experience using Tentaroo.

For summer camp 2023, councils will want to update the requirements being taught at camp due to the new Requirements Tracking+ update. Councils can also share the Scoutbook Import instructions with their units on the User Guide.

Plan Ahead and Prepare for Camp

In Part 1, we cover planning ahead and preparing for summer camp, including closing registration and pulling reports, running pre-camp check-in to expedite at camp check-in, and pulling final reports to distribute to staff.

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Camp Check-in

In Part 2, we cover what to do at camp during check-in, including building check-in packets, emptying incomplete carts, clearing waitlists, accepting payments, applying partial leader adjustments, adjusting spots, and generating group reports.

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Track Attendance & Requirements Completed

In Part 3, we cover tracking class attendance and requirements completed from any device. 

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Wrapping Up Camp

In Part 4, we cover procedures for wrapping up summer camp, including what to include in check-out packets, collecting balances and flagging groups with credit, encouraging early commitments for next year, closing out accounting, and updating information for next year as you have it.

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Bonus Mini Segments

These bonus mini segments complement the Working With Summer Camp Video Series and are applicable to all events, year round.

How to Apply Camperships 

In this mini segment, we are covering applying Camperships and discounts to named participants.

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Mastering the Select Client Tool

In this mini segment, we are covering the Select Client Tool and how to find and manage registrations and trips quickly.

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Using Unscheduled Classes

In this mini segment, we are covering using Unscheduled Classes to track Scouts’ work outside of normally scheduled classes.

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Swapping Scouts and Keeping Class Spots

In this mini segment, we are covering swapping classes between Scouts while keeping class spots.

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