Working with Summer Camp

Last edited 5/06/2021

This page covers our recommended practices for running a successful summer camp check-in and check-out process.

We will cover the following topics: (2:42)

  1. Things to do ahead of camp.
  2. Things that can be done for pre-camp check-in.
  3. Things to do at physical check-in.
  4. Things to do while at camp.
  5. Things to do at checkout.
  6. Things to do after camp.
  7. Video of Summer Camp check-in webinar.

Ahead of camp - (3:43)

  • Build the framework for next year's weeks.
  • Set up Camp Staff Admin Accounts - not all of these steps can or should be accessible to all camp staff. Schedule training for guidance.
  • Assign campsites for this year.
  • Communicate with units
    • Generate Invoices for each week.
    • Message Center:
      • Announce next year's dates and instructions for saving your spot.
        • Suggestion: Units attending this year get first dibs while at camp, open for general registration after camp.
      • Check-in procedures
      • Packing lists
      • Parking instructions
      • Camper and visitor policies - are you holding family night this year?
      • Fees due at camp and the trading post schedule.
      • Waitlists - how to rearrange their schedules before online registration closes.

Pre-camp check-in (7:50)

  • Contact groups a week or more ahead to confirm registration details.
  • Reports for check-in (NOTE: these reports are generated one at a time. Our graphic has multiple highlighted as an example.)
    • Groups Check-in PDF or Groups Excel/CSV
      • Confirm numbers, fees, and balances due.
    • Participant Roster - PDF or Excel
      • Confirm named participants.
    • Participant Class Schedule - By Group PDF or By Participant PDF (one sheet per Scout)
      • Confirm classes
      • Identify Waitlisted classes (more on this in a bit)
    • Participant Class Schedule, by Participant (Excel/CSV)
      • Useful for mail merges, i.e. printing lanyards or wrist bands.
    • Product Orders
      • Confirm orders.
      • Fill boxes or bags.
      • Invoice shows products purchased and can be used as a packing slip.
    • T-Shirt Sizes - Totals
      • Includes total number of shirts of each size for each group.
      • Does NOT include shirts sold as products.
      • Fill boxes or bags.
      • You might also include a summary of their sizes as a packing slip.

Physical check-in (13:00)

  • Close registration 5-7 days before the event and run a fresh batch of reports for checkin packets after all changes are in.
    • All reports print in the same order for easy collating.
    • Groups Check-In (PDF)
    • Participant Roster (PDF)
    • Participant Class Schedule, by Group AND/OR by Participant (PDF)
    • Instructor Class Rosters
    • Campsite Assignments
  • Final confirmation of spots, names, and classes.
  • Manage Registrations
    • Select Client Modal to find registrations and participants.
    • Manage waitlisted participants - move to available classes.
      • Find waitlisted classes:
        • Download the Participant Class Schedules, by Class (Excel/CSV) report.
        • Filter the Column, “Spot # on Waiting List” to exclude blanks.
      • Use the Select Client Modal, Participants lookup to search for a Scout from your report.
      • Manage and Edit Registration
      • On the Classes step, remove the waitlisted class from the Added Classes list and replace it with an available class.
      • Complete the Names Wizard and checkout to finalize changes.
    • Swap Scouts and keep class spots.
      • Event and class positions are preserved until you checkout, so you can swap Scouts and keep the original spots in the same classes.
      • Download the original Scout's class list.
      • Manage Registration and Cancel that Scout.
      • Add Participant and choose the replacement Scout's name.
      • Add the same classes to the new Scout's registration.
      • Complete the Names Wizard and checkout to finalize changes.
    • Add Unscheduled Classes
    • Partial leader adjustments using Individual Registration Options - add to an adult schedule like a Class.
      • Change the amount of the discount by clicking Manage. Enter a different negative amount and Save Changes.
      • Complete the Names Wizard and checkout to finalize changes.
    • Adjust spots in the Numbers Wizard.
      • Complete the Numbers Wizard and checkout to finalize changes.
    • Apply payments taken at camp.
    • Generate updated client account reports.
  • Distribute boxes/bags of swag - products, shirts, wrist bands, lanyards, etc.


At camp (31:10)

  • Track attendance for each class on Instructor Class Rosters.
  • Enter Requirements Completed from any device.
    • If updated daily, unit leaders can check attendance and requirements completed from their devices.
  • Add Unscheduled Classes, Enter Requirements Completed.
  • Encourage commitments for next year at leaders’ meetings; provide opportunities to sign up.

Camp Checkout (37:10)

  • Groups, Excel/CSV Report
    • Identify groups with credit in order to issue refunds and/or convenience fees.
  • Print and distribute blue cards and/or requirements completed reports. Include instructions to download from home, such as
  • Final invoices - Groups Check-in (PDF)
  • Reminder/last chance, next year commitments.

After camp (38:50)

  • Open registration for next year for all units.
  • Message Center - thank you letter, instructions on pulling reports and blue cards, hope to see you next year!
  • Later, send marketing message to all units that have come to camp in the past.

Webinar Video




CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.