Form Builder Security

Last Edited 2/8/2023
Information security is important with the Form Builder as it may be used to collect personal information. All information submitted through the From Builder is stored securely on our end and only accessible to authorized Tentaroo and council staff.

Additionally, there are several best practices councils should follow to secure users' personal information on their end:

  1. Limit Form Builder access to a few key staff members. Only those who create or edit forms need access to the account, as entries exports can be easily generated to distribute as appropriate.
  2. Limit each form's notification recipients to authorized staff. Recipients receive all information submitted through a form. Customized notifications with limited information can be set up if needed. Please contact Tentaroo for more information.
  3. Use a secure password, i.e. one that is long, does not contain dictionary words, and includes numbers and special characters. We can provide you a secure password or you can choose your own.
  4. Contact us to reset your password on a regular basis.
  5. Contact us to reset your password anytime staff who have access leave or change positions.
  6. Health form or other personal medical information should not be collected via the Form Builder. The Form Builder is not intended for collecting HIPAA protected medical information. Other documents, such as proof of training or signed contact, may be collected.
  7. Always embed a form on your secure Tentaroo website or mini-site before sharing with users.


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