Removing Form Entries

Last edited 9/5/2021
There are several situation in which you may wish to delete a submission to a form. It may be a test entry, duplicate, cancelled registration, etc.

Completely deleting form entries can lead to multiple issues. Instead, we recommend changing the status of entries to "incomplete." This will hide an entry from reports and prevent it being counted against submission or choice limits. Here's how:

In order to remove entries, a form must allow clients to save and resume later. If your form already does, you only need to do step 2 below.

Step 1: Enabling Save and Resume

  1. If your form is single-page, temporarily add a page break somewhere in the middle. You will remove this page break in step 3. If your form already has multiple pages, skip this step.
  2. Select the Form Properties tab and click "show more options" at the bottom.
  3. In the "Processing Options" section, check "Allow Clients to Save and Resume Later."
  4. Save the form and exit.

Step 2: Hiding Entries

  1. From Form Manager, click on "Entries"
  2. Click on the entry you wish to remove to bring up its details.
  3. On the right, you will see is a "Status" option in the blue box. Click to change the status to Incomplete. Save and return to the main Entries screen. Do this to as many entries as needed.
  4. In the top right, you now have a button to view Incomplete Entries. There is an option here to delete the entries, but we strongly recommend leaving them as incomplete, especially if they were ever marked as paid. They will not be included in your entries list or in your final reports.

Step 3: Reverting the Form

  1. If you added a page break in step 1, delete it to revert your form to its previous settings.
  2. If your form was already multi-page, go to Form Properties, show more options, and uncheck "Allow Clients to Save and Resume Later."
  3. Save your form and exit.
  4. The Incomplete Entries list will disappear, but you can recall these anytime by re-enabling Save and Resume.


Important: Forms should never be cleared and reused - always duplicate a form you wish to use again, then change your dates and fields and start with a clean slate of entries.


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