Akela Export Instructions

Last edited 10/25/2022
Here are the instructions for generating an Akela export file. We recommend updating your units twice a year, after fall recruitment and at the end of recharter/beginning of named summer camp registration.

Data imports do not replace most current information, such as the primary and alternate contacts for the groups. New members will be added, and any new data will be appended to existing members. Other than Rank and Grade, no data will be removed or overwritten, i.e. members who are no longer with the unit won’t be deleted and old contact information won’t be changed. Removals and data updates must be done manually.

Once completed, we will provide you with a summary report including new account login information you will need to share with your units.

Newly added:

  • Partner Units are now supported! The Akela import will now match Girl, Boy, and Family units if set correctly in both systems.
    • Best Practice: update gender on existing accounts and remove non-numeric characters from unit number field before running an Akela import. Benefits of cleaning these up include:
      • Akela imports will update units correctly.
      • Prevents duplicate account creation since Gender is now checked as well as Unit Type / Unit # / District.
      • Makes event registration clearer for housing management, shared leadership, etc.
      • Requirements exports will have the correct unit information (crucial for the upcoming ScoutBook export).
  • Youth Protection Training Date will be updated if the Akela data is newer than the Tentaroo data for Adult members.
  • Rank and Grade will be overwritten with Akela data for Youth members.
    • These field updates will help councils keep data current for their units.

How to export from Akela:

  1. In Akela, go to Council / Registrar Tools
  2. Select Reports
  3. Select Registrar Tools Reports
  4. Choose Person Selection Report
    1. Organizations - Select Districts
    2. Unit Positions - Select active positions for Youth and for Adults
    3. Non Unit Positions - Select all active positions for Youth and for Adults
    4. Dates & Age
      • Person Type - Leave blank
      • Registration Status - Select Current
      • Generate Report
      • Export as CSV

Use the button below to submit an Akela Import, and please allow up to 10 business days for completion.

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We've created a sample New Account Distribution Letter for you to use when distributing credentials for your new accounts.

Download Letter


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