GL Accounts

Last edited 4/30/2021
GL (General Ledger) Accounts are the financial account numbers used by councils to track income and expenses for events, fundraisers, and other budget items. Tentaroo allows unlimited GL Accounts to be entered, and each Event Type, Event, Class, Product, Facility Type, Facility, and form can have its own GL account assigned. Each financial transaction that occurs within Tentaroo or the Form Builder is tracked in our Accounting Totals report bundle for reconciliation with

Manage GL Accounts

To add a new GL Account, go to Options, GL Accounts, and click New. Add a name and type your GL account number in the box. 

Updating an existing GL can be done here as well. Click on the name of your account in the list on the left, change the name or number and click save. This will update all records throughout the system, past and current. 

If you need to upload a lot of GL accounts, we offer import services. Send your list in Excel format with Account Name and Account Number columns to and allow three to five business days for completion.


We are always happy to assist with System Settings training.