Last edited 10/12/2020
Facilities are assigned to a particular location and based upon a Facility Type.

The Facilities tab of a location lists all current facilities at that location, grouped by type. You can use the three dot icon to edit or delete a facility. Use the funnel icon (three horizontal lines)next to the search bar to show deleted facilities. Deleted facilities can be restored.

Adding a New Facility

To add a new facility, click the green NEW button and select a Facility Type from the list that appears.

Facility Settings

Each Facility inherits several Shared Settings from its Facility Type. Use the pencil icon in the top right of the box to edit shared settings.


Users will see both the specific description for an individual facility (if one is entered) and the shared description. The facility description will always appear first. If no facility description is added, just the Facility Type description will appear.


The attributes list is set at the Facility Type, and includes possible features of that type. Select any that apply to your facility. In the user interface, selected attributes, referred to there as features, will appear with a green check mark, and unselected features will have an 'x' and will be greyed out.

IMPORTANT - Editing Shared Settings and Attributes will apply those changes to all facilities of that type across all locations.


You can add, delete, and modify photos for each facility. In the reservation system, users will see the first image as a thumbnail beside a facility's name. Users will be able to see all photos, along with additional information, once they select a given facility.

To add an image, either click UPLOAD or drag and drop an image file onto the photos section. You can also use IMPORT to copy images from another facility at the same location. There are no limits on the number of photos you can upload.

Use the three-dot menu on a facility photo to delete, restore, or re-arrange. You can also re-order by simply clicking and dragging.

Booking Settings

Online Booking

Online Booking controls who can view and reserve specific facilities. There are three visibility options for each facility:

  • Allow Online Booking: Allows any account to view facility availability but limits reservations to accounts with Allow Facility Reservation permissions.
  • Disable Online Booking, Show Facility: Allows any account to view facility availability but notifies users that they need to contact council to reserve.
  • Disable Online Booking, Hide Facility: Only admins with adequate permission levels can see and reserve facility.

Admin-only facilities are reserved just like any other facility and are particularly useful for Mass-Booking Facilities along with Blackout Dates. End users will not see such facilities in their list of available facilities. See the Managing Bookings page for instructions on creating trips and reservations.

Maximum Accommodation

This is the maximum number of individuals that a facility can support. If overlapping groups are enabled for the Facility Type, this number limits each group's reservation, but does not check the total from all groups.

Booking Length

Set the minimum and maximum number of days a reservation can be made for. If enabled, Require Entire Weekend will override the minimum booking when applicable.

Require Entire Weekend

This toggle requires anyone reserving a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to book all three days. It is not enforced when either Friday or Saturday are unavailable due to a blackout date or other reservation, and does not apply to reservations created by admins.

Require Start On Sunday

This is primarily used to require week-long reservations. For example: a facility may require that the reservation start on Sunday with Minimum and Maximum days both set to 7, achieving a one-week reservation.

Booking Times

Use the IMPORT button to copy Booking Times settings and Time Blocks (if any) from another facility at the same location.

Show Check-In/Out Times

In most cases, we recommend un-checking this toggle for facilities using time blocks, such as archery ranges, climbing walls, etc.

Full Day vs. Custom Time Blocks

Selecting Full Day creates reservations at this facility for the duration of the booking time set at the Facility Type, whether that is same day or next day booking. This feature is commonly used for campsites and cabins.

Using Custom Time Blocks allows multiple reservations of this facility within the same day. This option is more suited for activities and meeting rooms that are set at the Facility Type for same day booking. Please note: if Time Blocks are enabled, creating a full-day reservation requires booking all Time Blocks.

Creating Time Blocks

Each Time Block is reserved independently. Time blocks are sorted by starting time and can overlap. Use NEW to create additional time blocks and the 'X' to delete them.


Please visit our Understanding Facility Pricing page for a full explanation of pricing.

GL Account

The initial GL account is inherited from the last facility built, but can be changed for each facility.

GL accounts can be added, edited, or removed within the GL account modal by a System Admin, but please note that this will affect the master list of GLs, wherever the GLs are used, and the accounting reports.

Minimum # Of Per Person Fees

This effectively sets a minimum utilization fee. For example, setting this to 10 will charge the per person daily rate for at least 10 individuals, even if only 5 attend. Additional per person fees will be added once the minimum is reached, i.e. if 12 individuals attend, the fee increases.


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.