Building a Facility

Last edited 12/16/2019
On this page we will discuss:

  • Adding a Facility.
  • Booking Times.
  • Facility Pricing.
  • Facility Photos.
  • Reservations & Reports.


Adding a New Facility

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To add a new faclity:

  • Select the Facilties tab.
  • Pick a location.
  • Select the Facility Type you wish to add.
  • Click on New Facility button.

You will now enter the facility settings.


Facility Settings

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Add Facility:

  • Location: This is the location chosen in the previous step.
  • Description: This description will appear before the description entered at the Facility Type. If no description is added, just the Facility Type description will appear.


Facility Options:

  • Allow Online Booking: Here you will select the facility visibility.
  • GL Account: Pick the GL Account number for this specific facility. The initial GL account is inherited from the Facility Type but can be changed for each facility.
  • Maximum Accommodation: This is the maximum number of individuals the facility can support. This number will be compared to the number of individuals the unit is bringing but does not check overlapping groups.
  • Minimum # Of Per Person Fees: What's the minimum # of per person fees that should be billed for? For example, if you want to charge the per person daily rate for at least 10 individuals, even if only 5 attend, enter 10.
  • Minimum Booking Length (days): Enter the minimum booking length for this facility. Please note that Require Entire Weekend will override this setting if a Friday or Saturday is selected.
  • Maximum Booking Length (days): Enter the maximum booking length for this facility.
  • Require Entire Weekend: By selecting this option, anyone reserving a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be required to book all three days. This is not enforced when either Friday or Saturday are not available due to a blackout date or other reservation, nor is it enforced for admins.
  • Require Start On Sunday: This is primarily used when you require week-long reservations. For example: you require that the reservation start on Sunday and the Minimum days is 7, thus achieving a week long reservation.



Select the attributes appropriate for the specific facility. The list of attributes is defined at the Facility Type.


Booking Times

Booking Type: All Day

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Select the All Day Booking Type if you want reservations for this facility to be for an entire day. If used in conjunction with the Check-Out Time & Next Day option, the facility will be reserved overnight. A common use of these feature is for campsites and cabins.

You can choose to show or hide check-in/out times if desired.

Booking Type: Use Time Blocks

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Select the Use Time Blocks Booking Type to create reservations of this facility for various periods within the same day. A common use of this feature is for climbing walls and ranges.

Please, note that if Time Blocks are enabled, a full-day reservation will require booking all Time Blocks.

You can also show check-in/out times if desired.


Facility Pricing

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Please, visit our Understanding Facility Pricing page for a description and explanation of pricing.


Facility Photos

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On this tab you can add, delete, and modify photos for the specific facility. You can also drag photos around to select the order in which the photos appear. Remember to Save Order Changes.

Photos can be uploaded one at a time or upload a ZIP file with multiple photos. There are no limits for number of photos you can upload to promote your facilities.



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Enter the Start Date and # of Days to see reservations for the specific facility. Remember to click Refresh to update data after date or # Days is changed.

Select a reservation and click Open Trip in Group to view or edit reservations.

The Reservations tab used in conjuction with the Facility Reports will help you manage your Trips & Reservations.


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.