Facilities Module

Last edited 10/12/2020
The Tentaroo Facilities Module organizes all of your facility booking into one interface, complete with reports, online payments, real-time availability, and council blackout dates. Increase your facility usage and revenue from off-season booking with our easy-to-use tools available from any device, for both admins and end-users.

Facilities Topics

Location Facts

  • Shared between Facilities, Events, and Websites.
  • Enter as many locations as your council uses.
  • Properties you manage and spaces you rent or borrow can all be set up as locations.
  • Can individually be set to allow reservations.
  • Can host events from the Event Module or the Website Module.

Facility Reservation Permission

By default, new unit accounts receive permission to reserve facilities. This applies to both In-Council and Out-of-Council units. Alternatively, individual and non-BSA accounts do not. Admins can toggle permission for any account on the account's profile tab.


The Tentaroo Facilities Module integrates with the Websites Module. You can create pages that display the location's reservation button and location contact automatically on the page.

To learn more, visit website page types.


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