Form Builder

Last edited 9/30/2020
The Form Builder is a versatile tool available to all Tentaroo clients to collect information in a myriad of ways beyond the Event and Facilities Modules. Forms can be embedded in a Tentaroo website or minisite to share directly with your customers.

Browse the menu on this page for more information about setting up and managing forms.

When to Use the Form Builder

Tentaroo Form Builder is designed to help with events that don't fit the main registration system in the Events Module, such as fundraising dinners. It can also be used non-event uses like camp applications.

Common uses of the Form Builder include:

  • Donations
  • Camp Staff Applications
  • Fundraising Dinners or Events
  • Awards Banquets
  • Product Sales
  • RSVPs
  • Surveys

However, Form Builder is not recommended for Scouting event registrations that would be better supported by the Events Module. Rather than trying to build an event registration from scratch in the Form Builder, you'll be better off using the main registration system in the Events module which will guide users through the process and provide necessary reports and notifications.

Form Builder Event Registration System
No login required. Use for quick, one-time registrations that don't fit the main registration system in the Events Module. Requires login to support historical records, pricing tiers and payments over time. Users can login later to update their information as needed until registration closes for the event. Entered information is saved for future event registrations.
Pay now online, or pay offline. Pay incrementally, online or offline. Supports invoicing to communicate with registrants about what they need to pay and when.
Fully customizable. Can be used for other purposes such as receiving donations, not just events. Entries can be exported, includes basic reports. Pick from standard fields, features and reports - specifically designed to support Scouting events with everything that's needed for most events. Provides a simple step-by-step wizard for end users to register. Custom fields can be requested for any event. Includes a full bevy of reports.


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