Advanced Form Settings

Last edited 4/8/2021
In the form editor, the "Form Properties" tab has several important options. Title, description, the option to hide these while embedding your form, and basic options for your success message are all shown by default. To access more advanced settings, click on "show more options" below the "Submission Confirmation" box.

Submission Confirmation

Users are taken to a success page after their form is successfully submitted and saved as an entry. You can customize your form's success page in the Submission Confirmation box. You may want to give users additional instructions. If the form is only part of a registration process, instead of a success page, you can insert a URL that will lead them to the next step.

Selecting "Show Text" allows you to enter text, HTML code, and JavaScript code for your success page. You can also select "Redirect to Web Site" to use an external website in place of form builder's success page.

See Logic & Advanced Notifications for details on setting up conditional success messages.

Label Alignment

The label alignment dropdown alters the visual layout of your form. Top aligned is the default. Both left and right aligned move your field labels to the left of your fields, creating columns. "Left" and "right" refer to the alignment of field labels within that first column.

Top Aligned

Left Aligned


Right Aligned

Save and Resume Later

The first processing option allows users to save their entries on the form and resume later. This only works for multi-page forms, and the checkbox will be grayed out if your form has only one page. This is a good option for long forms where a user may have to pause and gather additional information.

If a user chooses to save, the form will create an entry with what data exists, and that entry will be marked incomplete. The user will be taken to a page displaying a link they can paste into a browser in order to return. The form will also send that link in an email notification. When you enable this option, a "Resume Email Options" box appears, allowing you to customize this email.

Important: You MUST change "From Name" and "From Email" when using the save and return option. Otherwise, users will not necessarily understand what this email is, and they will not be able to contact you directly should they have any issues.

The save and resume option is also used by council staff when removing form entries.

Show Review Page

Selecting this option adds a final page to your form that presents everything users have entered in table format, allowing them to double-check the accuracy of their information. This can be helpful, as users can no longer access their entries once a form is submitted. If you choose this option, you can customize all review page instructions, including the buttons to submit and return.


Protection and Limits

Protection and Limit options restrict access to the form, and are rarely used, but are appropriate in some situations.

Password protection requires users to enter an assigned password before they can complete the form. This is a single password for all users, not an individual account. This option allows you to restrict who can fill out your form.

CAPTCHA spam protection is not currently supported.

We do not recommend limiting entries per IP address. This feature is designed to limit the number of times each user may fill out your form, but submissions to embedded Tentaroo forms share a handful of IP addresses, effectively limiting the total daily submissions instead.

"Limit Submission" limits the total number of times your form can be filled out. This can be useful for events with limited participation, but requires individual registration of each participant.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatic Scheduling allows you to designate when your form is available to users. You can restrict access before a certain date, after a certain date, or both. Simply check to enable, then enter a date and time for "from date" and/or "until date." Remember, Tentaroo forms operate in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time.

Outside of your set schedule, your form will appear as:

Best Practice: Should you choose to disable automatic scheduling once it has been enabled, clear any dates entered into this box. Due to a bug from the parent software (not a Tentaroo program), un-checking "Enable Automatic Scheduling" does not always work as it should once dates are entered, and your form may be unavailable to users.
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