Locations & Settings

Last edited 10/12/2020
Locations are the basic building blocks for both events and facilities, and are shared across all three Tentaroo modules. Calendar Pages, Event Types, and individual facilities are all assigned to specific locations.

Locations in the Tentaroo Facility Reservation System represent your council's various properties: Scout reservations, campgrounds, office buildings, etc., that may each have multiple facilities available for booking.

Selecting a Location

The first step when managing facilities is to select a location. Click or tap on the "Facilities" icon in the admin menu on the left to launch the Locations Selector. Locations that have available facilities are sorted to the top, followed by all other locations. Select your location from the list; you can search for a location by name by using the magnifying glass icon, or you can add a new location by clicking the white plus sign. You can also use the pen icon here to quickly edit a location's basic details, such as name, address, and phone number. This process is also used to switch between locations.

Location Settings

Once you've selected a location, you can view or edit its details by using the blue bar at the top and navigating to Settings.


The Location's name, address, phone number, fax, and webpage link will be displayed to users. We recommend entering a webpage link if you are hosting information on an external website. Tentaroo Websites are already integrated with the Facilities Module.

Use the deep link to direct users to this location's facilities directly from Facebook, fliers, external websites, etc.


Allow Online Booking

This toggle controls all facilities at a location. Online booking can also be turned off for each facility individually under Facilities. We recommend keeping this switch off while first building facilities in the Tentaroo system. You can then turn everything on at once when you're ready to accept registrations.

Require Trip Contact Phone

Trips have places for two trip-specific contacts whom the council staff can contact directly. The first is required, the second is optional. The "Require Trip Contact Phone" toggle makes the phone number required for the primary contact, otherwise it is optional.

Allow Booking Maximum

This limits how far in the future groups can reserve facilities. Admins can create reservations at any time.

Allow Booking Minimum

This limits how soon groups can reserve facilities.

Allow Automatic Credit

This limits how close to the reservation date groups can cancel or decrease their numbers and still receive credit in the Tentaroo system for overpayments.

Allow Changes By Group

This places a limit on how close to the reservation date groups can make any changes whatsoever to their reservations without contacting the council.

Primary Contact

The contact listed here will receive notifications whenever a reservation is created or altered at any of this location's facilities.

Trip Notification Custom Message

You can enter a message here that will appear at the bottom of the notifications sent to users, such as confirmations when they create or alter registrations. This is a good place to include refund policies, packing lists, or any other information you wish to highlight.




We are always happy to assist with event registration training.