Remove a Staff Member

Last edited 12/23/2019
When a staff member moves on from employment with your council or changes positions so they are no longer in charge of working with Tentaroo, there are a few steps you need to take to update your system.

  1. Contact Tentaroo to let us know that your staffing has changed, especially if the individual was a contact for us, received system notices, was listed on the receipts, or was our billing contact. Provide us with the replacement name and contact information as soon as possible.
  2. In the Tentaroo Legacy AIR App under Options, Admin Users, delete admin accounts for former employees or change permissions for those who have changed roles.
  3. Facilities:
    • review contacts under Facilities/Excursions for each Location and update as needed.
    • review contacts for Facility Types and update as needed.
  4. Events:
    • review contacts for each Event Type and update as needed.
  5. Websites:
    • delete or replace former staff members' Contacts card(s). If you replace their contact information with their replacement, anywhere on the site where their contact card was used will automatically be updated with the new staff member.
    • run a search on the website for their name and email address to find all pages where they were mentioned. Go to each page in the website editor and remove or replace their information.
  6. Form Builder
    • contact to request a new password. Share that password only with those in charge of managing forms.
    • change notification receipts to go to a different staff member.
    • change logic notification receipts to go to a different staff member.



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