Product Sales in Form Builder

Last edited 9/15/2021
Form builder allows for several different types of product sales. Tentaroo event registrations now also support product sales tied to specific event types.

Single-Item Sales

There are two methods of handling single-item sales in form builder. The first is to create a combination of fields to allow the user to enter a quantity and have it calculate on a price. The second is to monetize a dropdown or multiple choice field with pre-set quantities.

To set up a quantity calculation:

  1. In the form editor, add both a price field and a number field to your form.
  2. Give the price field an appropriate label, set it as read-only, and enter the item's price as the default value.
  3. Click on the number field and give it a label such as "Qty of (your product)."
  4. In the field properties tab, check "Enable as a Quantity field" and select your price field from the dropdown.
  5. An optional setting is to set a range of quantities to require a minimum and/or maximum purchase. These values will display under the field in the form.

To configure a monetized dropdown or multiple choice field:

  1. In the form editor, add a dropdown or multiple choice field. The setup is similar between the two; our example uses a dropdown field.
  2. Enter the allowed item quantities as options.
  3. In payment settings, set prices for the quantity of items. This method allows you to give bulk discounts, i.e. 10% off for 5 items or more.

Multiple-Item Sales

When selling multiple items or options on an item, such as T-shirt sizes or colors of a hat, you can use a combination of checkboxes fields and number fields to allow users to purchase quantities of different options while simultaneously keeping your form shorter and easier to use.

  • Add the following fields to your form:
    • Checkboxes
      • Name the field, e.g. "T-Shirt Sizes"
      • Add each option, e.g. "Youth Small," "Youth Medium," etc.
      • You will add pricing per item in Payment Settings.
    • Number
      • Add one number field for each option, such as "Qty - Youth Small"
      • Field Properties - Check "Enable as Quantity Field" and calculate with the corresponding option from the checkboxes field, such as "Youth Small."
      • You can set other restrictions here, such as making the field required or setting a minimum or maximum number the group can choose - please note that Form Builder does not support managed inventories of products available.
  • Logic - Choose the "Qty - Youth Small" field and "Show" if "all" the following conditions match: "Youth Small" is checked.
  • Payment - Choose Variable Pricing, then select the "T-Shirt Sizes" checkboxes field from the dropdown. For each size of shirt, enter the per-item price. The amount charged to the user will be calculated based on this price times the quantity they enter in the corresponding number field.

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Meal Tickets

Meal tickets for individuals can be handled with multiple choice, dropdown, or checkboxes fields. All three fields allow you to assign separate prices to each selection. Multiple choice and dropdown fields restrict users to a single selection and are useful when offering simple options, such as entrée options for a single meal.

Checkboxes fields allow more nuance, since each choice is chosen independently. This allows, for example, users to opt in or out of individual meals. Note: this might allow users to select options that should be mutually exclusive, such as both chicken and beef for Saturday's dinner.

To sell meal tickets for multiple participants:

  1. In form editor, add a field to collect the number of participants if one does not already exist. This can be either a dropdown or multiple choice.
  2. Duplicate any fields used for individual ticket sales. Have one set for every possible participant.
  3. Label each field or set of fields for separate participants (e.g. "Participant 1 Meal Choice," "Participant 2 Meal Choice," etc.).
  4. Save your form, and enter the logic builder.
  5. Add show/hide logic so that each field only shows when appropriate. For example, if users may register 1, 2, 3, or 4 participants, the fields corresponding to participant 2 would show if any of 3 conditions were true: number of participants is 2, number of participants is 3, or number of participants is 4.

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Free-will donations can be handled most simply with a single price field. The default price will automatically be set as $0, and users can simply enter any amount they wish to contribute. Monetize this field in payment settings.

Suggested donation amounts can be prompted using a multiple choice or dropdown field. The list of options can be your suggested amounts, with the final option listed as "Other" coupled with a corresponding price field. Build logic to show the price field just when "Other" is selected. Monetize the suggested donation amounts and the price field in Payment settings.

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