Payment Settings

Last edited 9/13/2021
A form's payments settings must be set up for it to collect registration fees or complete product orders. This process connects your form to your account and assigns pricing for specific form fields. After your form is setup and saved, click on "Payment," which will take you to a new screen.

Step 1: Merchant Settings

In Merchant Settings (the blue box), check "Enable Merchant," then select from the Merchant dropdown. Copy and paste your API Login ID and Transaction Key from your records.

Best Practice: Add your credentials to your template form. When you duplicate your template, the credentials will be there for your new form.

Step 2: Payment Options

In Payment Options (the red box), two settings are enabled by default: US currency and "Delay Notifications Until Paid". In most cases, you will want to leave them selected. The exception to "Delay Notifications Until Paid" is described in "Setting Up Offline Payment Options."

The red box has two other fields which should be enabled routinely.

  1. Checking "Show Total Amount" lets your users see their total price while filling out your form. We suggest always having it selected, and also choosing to display it at "Top and Bottom".
  2. needs the user's billing address for online payment security, so always enable "Ask for Billing Address".

Step 3: Define Prices

Define Prices (the green box) is where you set up how your form is monetized. Pricing can use either a "Fixed Amount" or "Variable Amount." A fixed amount is a flat rate, such as a $10 registration fee per form. "Variable Amount" sets fees according to form fields and applies to checkboxes, dropdown, multiple-choice, and price fields. If your form does not have any of these, you will see a warning message for variable rate pricing.

When setting variable pricing, use the "Add a Field To Set Prices" dropdown to select a field you wish to monetize. The choices available for that field will appear below, with boxes for entering corresponding fees. Prices entered here are automatically multiplied by associated quantity fields (see Product Sales).

Click Save Settings.


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