Site Messages

Last edited 9/30/2020
Commonly referred to as "Homepage Boxes," Site Messages are a colorful part of the Tentaroo website template. These four squares near the top of your homepage highlight important information and direct users to relevant webpages or programs. Use them for upcoming events, announcements, and any information you want to promote.

Although part of your homepage, Site Messages are special features and are accessed in the "Settings" section of the CMS under "Messages".


Title: Message titles are automatically formatted to display in all-caps. We recommend keeping titles to one or two words.

Description: Descriptions appear as slightly smaller text below the message title. This description is optional. Some councils choose to use longer titles instead of a title and description.

The CMS does not limit the length of Site Messages, however longer descriptions can overlap with the button or run out of the box. The length of messages that will fit into the homepage boxes depends on many factors, such as the size of the title, so please preview your site messages after saving.

Button Label: The button label is the word or phrase that appears to users and describes the link, e.g. "Register."

Button Link: This can be either an internal or external hyperlink. If taking users to a page on your Tentaroo site, we recommend using a relative link, such as "/my-shortURL."

Below the line for the link address itself, there is an option to have the link open in the "Same Window" or in a "New Window." The "New Window" option will open a second browser tab, leaving your homepage open in a user's original tab. We recommend this option for whenever a link takes users to an external website, such as ""

Adding Additional Boxes

If you would like even more feature boxes on your homepage, we can help you add some responsive squares underneath the current ones, in the main content section, that will match the standard site message presentation. Please schedule 20 minutes in the training room and we will guide you through the process. And as always, please contact us for any special requests.


We are always happy to assist with website training.