Website Module

Last edited 9/30/2020
Tentaroo Websites are a great way to show off your council, camp, lodge, or districts. Editing your website is easy, with dedicated places to share information, photos, contact info, and more, as well as several customizable features to add flare and functionality to each page.

Browse the topics on the menu on this page to learn more about setting up and managing your Tentaroo website, plus some features you can use even if you aren't a current website client to host forms and use event pages to add images for the Event Module.

Website Interface

In spring of 2020, we launched a new, intuitive, mobile responsive admin interface for our Website Module, enabling your administrators to manage your website on the go and putting more management tools in their hands.

To access the website management tools in the new interface, click on "Websites" from the slide-out admin menu on the left, then select your website from the box. This will launch the new admin interface, with lots of excellent tools to manage your site on any device.

Website Module Tools

Click on a tab to learn about what is managed in each section. These tabs mimic the admin interface of the Website Module.


The page editor is laid out in cards for each feature. Click a link below to learn more about each card, or on the Anatomy of a Page button to see how the page editor is laid out:

*Contacts and Resources are shared between pages. They have their own sections (see tabs above) and can now be managed from within the page editor as well.

Anatomy of a Page


Contacts are shared between all pages and can be added, deleted, or updated from this section and from within the page editor. Contacts are searchable and, if contact details are changed on a contact card, those updates will apply to every page on which that contact is displayed on your website.

Assign your contacts to internal categories to make them easy to find to add to pages.




The Resources section is a digital repository of files that you can assign to pages or use as links on your website and elsewhere. This feature can be managed within the page editor as well as in the Resources section of the website admin interface.



Settings includes many master settings for the website, including many settings previously maintained by Tentaroo. We have an extensive section on the website settings page and guidance for changing homepage boxes here.

Included in this section:

  • Council Contact Info
  • Donate Button Link*
  • Join Button Link*
  • Calendar - New Options!
  • Social Media Button Links
  • Search Engine Metadata
  • Google Analytics
  • Map in Footer
  • Social Widget in Footer
  • Site Messages - Four Boxes on Homepage

*Donate and Join are the default names of the buttons. To change the names, please contact us.

Advanced Page Options

For those councils comfortable with HTML, all of these examples include the necessary code for use in Source View.






Inline Boxes






If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please submit a request on the Topic Suggestion page.