New Staff Training Guide

Last edited 11/17/2022

Our Commitment to Training: Here at Tentaroo, we are committed to offering timely, unlimited assistance, built-in to the cost of our services. We consider it our responsibility to make the Tentaroo system as accessible as possible so you can get the most value from what we offer!

When a new staff member comes on board who will be responsible for managing all or part of the council's Tentaroo system, we strongly recommend having them train with us at Tentaroo, even if your council is doing training in-house.

In a new staff member's first week or two, please send us an email at introducing them and letting us know their email address and what you’d like them to work on.

Next, please have an existing system admin create an admin account for your new staff and, if appropriate, share your Form Builder login credentials. We are happy to assist with this but we require explicit written consent from one of our council contacts before we will share access.

Once they’re set up, please have them schedule training at their convenience!

Our Recommended Training Process

  1. Schedule trainings for each relevant module:
  2. Note the following methods of receiving support* from Tentaroo:
    • Admin Manual - Become familiar with the specific sections of this manual.
    • User Manual - Bookmark to share with your end-users.
    • Support Desk - Trackable ticket submission system. Send tickets to We have a prompt response time on new tickets.
    • Online Video Training - Unlimited and free conference calls for council staff. Schedule video conference training with us Mondays through Fridays.
    • Online Chat - Available at the new admin manual website on the bottom right of every page (when online).
    • Telephone Support - (888) 651-0153 Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

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Your Customer Support Team

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We are always happy to assist with event registration training.