Draft Web Pages

Last edited 3/7/2022
Set up pages in "draft" mode simply by adding "DRAFT" at the beginning of the title. 

We have added a new feature to the Website Module that allows you to create work-in-progress pages simply by adding the word DRAFT, all caps, to the beginning of the title. DRAFT pages are hidden from search results on the public website but can still be viewed by someone with the direct link to the page, i.e. www.greatskycountry.com/SRSC, so you and your team can collaborate on editing the page until it is ready for publication.

DRAFT pages are hidden from public view on your website in the following areas:

  • Search results.
  • Featured - Disabled while DRAFT is in use.
    • Applies to Blog pages, Event Registration pages, and Calendar Event pages.
  • Calendar Event pages - Hidden from all calendars and calendar displays.
    • Applies to main calendars, Agenda views, and upcoming events on homepage and district pages.
    • DRAFT Calendar Event pages are omitted from the calendar export.
  • Event Registration Module pages - Events link to the system, not to DRAFT primary event pages.

In the admin interface list of pages, you can quickly find all of your pending pages by searching for "draft" and continue reviewing content. Please note that menus will still link to that page becuase it acts as a deep link. You can wait to add the page to menus until it is done or build the menu item and delete it, restoring when you are ready to turn the page live.

Example: DRAFT Scout Resident Summer Camp

This is case sensitive and MUST be in all caps, so if you have a page that needs to be live and start with the word draft and needs to be live, you can still do that by using standard title case, i.e. "Draft Horse Day."

How do I publish a DRAFT page?

You can publish the page and make it live on the website simply by removing DRAFT from the title. The page will be visible to your website visitors, and you can add it to your menus to be visible.

Other Uses for DRAFT Pages

  • Test layouts and formatting for advanced page options which can be copied to live pages.
  • Build pages well in advance of future events and publish (remove DRAFT) only when they are ready to be advertised.