User Account Financial Tracking

Last edited 1/19/2022
There are several tools available to you to help units and families track financial transactions in Tentaroo and answer questions about previous transactions, credits, and balances due. Some of these are also available to the group to review their own payments.

  1. View Previous Orders
    • View Past Orders
    • View Available Credit
    • Process Refunds (admin only)
    • Process Generic Convenience Fees (admin only)
    • Generate Group Audit Log (admin only)
  2. Checkout Tools
    • Apply Credit (admin only)
    • Unapplied Amount - Apply Overpayments (admin only)
    • Backdate Payments (admin only)
  3. Event Invoices
  4. Trip Itineraries

View Previous Orders

When the user logs in to their account or when an admin selects a client, they start at the account's Home screen. On the right in desktop mode, toward the bottom in mobile views, are the account settings options: Manage Profile, Manage My Group, and View Previous Orders. These are also accessible from the left-hand menu under Settings. Once in Settings, you can select the different options from the blue bar at the top.

View Previous Orders will bring the user to a list of all previous orders placed in the account.

Manage Past Orders:

Admins can also Manage past orders, which is useful for several applications including unapplying payments, correcting offline payment amounts, and adding notes.

View Available Credit:

Users can see their Available Credit. This credit will be used toward their next purchase in Tentaroo.

Process Refunds and Convenience Fees:

Admins can also see Available Credit and can modify it by posting refunds or generic convenience fees, or by choosing not to use credit to pay for an order.

Account Audit Log:

This report is in the same format as our system-wide audit log and includes line items by GL for every new payment as well as any changes to how existing payments are applied. The report also documents which user account was used to complete each transaction.

This is your go-to report for tracking down transactions and answering questions about the group's money trail.

How to Generate

This report is available to admins with permissions to manage groups and is found in the Client Settings under Previous Orders.

Set the Start Date for your report and click the Export button to download.

Sample Report

When an account has credit available, that credit will be applied to the next purchase by default. Admin users have the choice whether or not to apply available credit during checkout. This is so an admin can post an offline payment made for the full amount regardless of credit on file.

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Unapplied Amount - i.e. "Overpayments"

Occasionally, a payment received may be for greater than the amount due - perhaps the user reduced their order after mailing in a check - and the admin needs to post the full payment to the account. An admin can enter the overpayment into the Unapplied field in the checkout to add that amount as available credit.

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Backdate Payments

For events that calculate pricing based on Date Paid in Full, the date the payment was made can affect the rates of the participants. Admins can change the date of a new or previous payment to reflect that and give the family or unit credit for early or base period payments.

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Trip Itineraries

Each Trip has an itinerary that includes details of all reservations in the trip, group contact information, and amounts paid and due. This can also be generated by the group or an admin at the group trip level, or on the admin side under Facility Reports for the Location for your set time frame.

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