Managing Facility Bookings

Last edited 10/12/2020
Adminstrators with appropriate permissions can create and edit reservations for user accounts and override date restrictions or pricing.

This page addresses aspects of trips and reservations management unique to admins. For general information on reserving facilities or assistance guiding your users in the process, please see our User Guide.

Select Account

Use the Select Client modal to find an existing Trip or Reservation and open it in the group account or to find an account then create a new trip.

Existing Trip or Reservation

Clicking on a Trip or Reservation from the Select Client modal will bring you directly to the Trip, where you can enter payments or make modifications to the trip and reservations.

Managing Trips

You can update the contact information and dates of existing trips. Please note, to change the dates of a trip, you must first remove all reservations, then change the trip dates, and finally add the reservations for the new dates back into the trip.

Editing Reservations

Selecting the reservation you wish to change will bring up the Reservation Details. Click the Manage button and select Edit Reservation or Cancel Reservation. Edit will launch the Facility Wizard. Cancel will remove the reservation and any amounts paid to the cart. Always Checkout to commit your changes, even if no payment changes are made.

Adjusting Head Counts

Changes to head counts can happen in a couple of different ways. Either the group brought more people or less people, of course, but they could also bring more youth and fewer adults. The process to add numbers in reservations and trips is a little different from reducing numbers, and a combination of additions and reductions is a little different yet. Here are the processes for each:

Reductions in Numbers

  1. Reservation(s) - reduce numbers in each reservation to final headcount. Checkout to finalize changes.
  2. Trip - reduce numbers to final headcount. No checkout required.

Increases in Numbers

  1. Trip - increase numbers to final headcount. No checkout required.
  2. Reservation(s) - increase numbers in each reservation to final headcount. Checkout to finalize changes.

Reductions AND Increases, i.e. Reduce Adults and Increase Youth

  1. Trip - increase Youth, leave Adults alone for now. No checkout required.
  2. Reservation(s) - increase Youth AND decrease Adults in each reservation to final headcount. Checkout to finalize changes.
  3. Trip - reduce Adult numbers to final headcount. No checkout required.

Applying Payments

In the Financial Summary card, admins have three payment options: Pay minimum required amount, pay full amount, and pay other amount. Admins will always have the option to finalize reservations with a minimum required amount of $0. If "Pay other amount" is selected, enter the payment amount in the box on the right and click Save to add the payment to the cart. Click Checkout and enter payment details in the cart. Submit Order to finalize the purchase.

New Trip or Reservation

Selecting a user account will bring you to the Account Homepage. To enter the Facilities Module and create a new trip, first click on the Facilities icon in the Client Menu on the left.

Select a Location and click New Trip. Complete the wizard to create a trip and add reservations the same way an end user would. You can update user details and override pricing if necessary (see below). Checkout to finalize all reservations.

Override Pricing

In the Facility Wizard, there is an admin-only Override button near the Total. Use this button to modify the Per Day and Per Person Per Day rates for the facility. This change will only apply only to the current reservation and group. To change pricing for all future reservations of a facility, go to the Facilities section in the admin interface and update the Pricing card.


CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due. Learn More


We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.