Refunds and Convenience Fees

Last edited 9/30/2020
When processing a cancellation in Tentaroo, the system will create credit in the user's account. That credit can be used toward future purchases through the user's Tentaroo account or it can be issued as a refund or absorbed as a convenience fee per the council's cancellation policy.


When a refund is issued to the user, it must also be recorded in Tentaroo. Online refunds are typically done through and then need to be recorded in the user's Tentaroo account.

Convenience Fees

Each council has its own cancellation policy, and this feature helps you enforce yours. Convenience fees can also be considered cancellation fees - if the user forfeits a portion or all of the fee, the forfeited amount is processed as a convenience fee. These transactions will be recorded in the audit log as income for the council. 

Refund or Convenience Fee Process

In the user's account, go to View Previous Orders. Admins will see a sidebar on the right titled "Order/Payment Tools." This section displays Available Credit and fields for Refund Amounts and Convenience Fees.

Enter the amount of refund and/or convenience fee up to the total amount of credit on file. You can process these in the same cart or do one at a time. Click Add To Cart - the cart logo in the top right will display a green number indicating your transactions are now in the cart. Click the cart logo to go to the shopping cart.

In the cart, confirm amounts and contact information, then process an At Council/Other payment with detailed notes regarding the transaction. You can decide at this point whether to send a receipt to the group or not with the toggle. Once the order is placed, the available credit will be cleared.


Clearing Credit

A list of accounts with credit on file can be found in the system Reports, Groups: Excel, Just with Credit.

Credit on file should be cleared as part of closing events and at the end of the year.



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