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Last edited 3/7/2023
In March of 2023, we launched a new feature improving our merit badge requirement tracking process, introducing a new master list of merit badges maintained by Tentaroo as well as a new Scoutbook export for councils and units. The requirements tracking feature and exports will improve the user experience by making it easier to transfer completion data from merit badge universities and summer camps into Scoutbook with just a few clicks.

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Merit Badge Master List

The master list of merit badges includes all currently available merit badges offered by the BSA. Each badge has a complete list of all requirements with the version year, as well as a high resolution image of the badge, both of which are automatically populated in the associated Class Types. As BSA adds, updates, or retires merit badges, our master list will be updated automatically for you with those changes, and you only need to add or remove Class Types and confirm which of the updated requirements you are teaching at your events.

To draw from this master list, you need a Class Type with the correct merit badge assigned. If BSA adds a merit badge, you need to add a Class Type for it, and if BSA retires a merit badge, you need to delete your associated Class Type. You can learn more about Class Types by clicking the button below.

Will it Blue Card?

The traditional blue card reports will still work if the class type is associated with a merit badge from our master list, even if the requirements in use were from the old manual data.

Requirements Taught

All the requirements for each merit badge are now available in a master list that remains constant even as you customize which requirements you are teaching at your events. With just a few clicks, you can hide those requirements you are not teaching to streamline later efforts at entering completion records as well as to clearly communicate to unit leaders, parents, and Scouts what exactly they will be working on at camp.

Scoutbook Reports

Requirements for Scoutbook (Excel/CSV) exports can be found in both the admin interface under Event Reports on the Dashboard and in the group's Registration Reports menu. These reports are available by the unit so units and administrators alike can download the formatted completion data and import it into a unit account in Scoutbook. For a version of these instructions that you can share with your units, click the button below.

Download this data and save to your computer but do NOT modify the file. You will use it in the next steps to import into Scoutbook and the format needs to be unmodified or it may not work.

Admin Interface - Dashboard

User Interface - Registration

Scoutbook Plugin and Import

This process requires two steps, the first of which only needs to be done once per computer, after which you can import data into Scoutbook as needed. In order for a unit leader to import data, they need to have permissions to use Quick Entry for Merit badges in their unit account in Scoutbook.

Important note: The developer of this plugin is a volunteer who is not professionally affiliated with the BSA, any BSA council, or any event registration software such as Tentaroo. Any support or update to the extension is the responsibility of the volunteer.
  1. Install the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook in either Chrome or Firefox. This is a Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on that supplements a variety of basic Scoutbook features. The extension works on any non-mobile browser supported by Chrome, and the Firefox Add-on works on all Firefox supported platforms, (currently excluding mobile Android due to excessively restrictive Firefox policies). 
    See the plugin documentation for more information.
  2. Login to Scoutbook and navigate to the troop's unit page, then click the Import Merit Badge Advancements button. The developer's instructions can be found here.
    • Click Choose File and select the CSV file you downloaded from Tentaroo.
    • Turn on "Merit Badge Req's."
    • Optional: Turn on "Leader Approve" if you want to mark all imported badges as approved right away. Leave it off if you want to allow the unit to review data from camp prior to marking as approved.
    • Update the "Import Note" field if needed. This will be added to the requirements notes in Scoutbook for the unit.
    • Click "Import File."
    • Review data as needed. If the names in Tentaroo do not clearly match the names in Scoutbook, you will have a review step where you can manually connect the records. 


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