User Accounts

Last edited 10/20/2022
Adding new user accounts can be done by users or by admins. This section covers how to manually add an account as an admin. To learn about how a user creates an account, visit our User Manual website.

Tentaroo has several restrictions in place to prevent creation of duplicate accounts so you won't have more than one account for a unit or an individual. Restrictions include:

  • Units must have a unique unit type/number/gender/district combination.
  • Unit numbers cannot have preceding zeroes.
  • Individual / Family accounts must have a unique email address.

Users can reset their passwords by clicking "Forgot Password," and admins can send account holders a reset link from the account Profile. Both will send emails to the primary and alternate contacts for the account. More information on account security can be found here.

New Client

To start a new account, click on the Select Client button in the blue bar at the top of the app. If a user is currently selected, this button will read the current user's account name instead. Click the plus symbol to launch the New Client card.

Note: the New Client card is the first screen you will see when logging in to your admin account. If this screen is greyed out, you do not have the required permissions to manage user accounts. See Creating Admin Users for details and contact your system administrator to request permission to manage groups.

Complete the New Client card to start a user account. When adding a new user account, you will select one of the following account types:

  • Unit 
  • Individual / Family
  • Provisional
  • Non-Profit (Non-BSA)

The type of account you create will dictate the fields shown for each account type. Enter as much information as you have available - some fields are required, some are optional. Click Create Account to continue.

Once the account is created, you can begin adding members for the group. Click "My Group" in the blue bar at the top of the app, or, from the account's home page, click "Manage My Group" from the panel on the right. Click "Add People" under Youth or Adults to add new Youth or Adult members, respectively. Fill out the member card and click Complete at the bottom to add them to the group. This process is shown in the video in our User Manual website.

New members can also be added during registration. Members added in the Names Wizard will be added both to the registration for the event and to the group's roster. Click here for details on adding a new member during registration.

Pricing Tiers and Allow Facility Reservations

Admins can reassign pricing tiers for user accounts and control their ability to reserve facilities. By default, "Allow Facility Reservations" is enabled for Unit accounts and disabled for Individual / Family, Provisional, and Non-Profit accounts.



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