Air Installer

Several legacy features have been moved to a new AIR App that will look and work the same as the legacy interface but do not require Flash. This app will be used for a short time while we are completing the conversion to the new mobile interface. To download, install, and use the Tentaroo Legacy V9.1 Air App, first download the Adobe AIR App for your computer below:

Adobe AIR

If you get an error during the Adobe AIR install, please let us know and tell us if you’re on a Mac or PC. We’ll then send you instructions for how to fix it.

There is a known issue with Macs using M1 hardware. Some AIR applications will fail to launch when run on a device using Apple Silicon (M1 / ARM hardware). To work around this, please right-click on the application icon within Finder, choose "Get Info", and on the resulting dialog, select the checkbox "Open using Rosetta". Learn More

Next, return to your council's Tentaroo system to download the Tentaroo Legacy app following these steps:

  1. Login to your Tentaroo system using your admin account.
  2. Click on Settings in the Admin panel on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. The box that comes up will describe the new Air App and what features it is used for.
  4. Click on TENTAROO AIR APP in the bottom right of the box to download the app that connects with the Tentaroo database. Follow the prompts to install that.
  5. Run the Tentaroo Legacy v9 app, select your council from the dropdown, and login using your admin credentials. The interface here is the same layout as the old interface so you can find what you need. Anything that doesn't appear here has been moved to the new interface.
  6. Close the window to log out. We recommend creating a shortcut to the app on your desktop or a frequently used folder to quickly launch the Air App in the future. We will be notifying councils when these remaining features are complete in the new system and when this app is no longer needed.

Admin Features in the AIR App

  • Locations
    • Master list of Locations - each location can also be edited from within the new interface.
    • Event campsites.
  • Reports
    • Groups Export and Groups Export, Just With Credit.
    • Accounting reports.
    • Calendar export.
  • Options
    • Admin Account management.
    • GL Account master list - each GL Account can also be edited from within the new interface.
    • General System Options to require group address and phone during checkout.

These items will be moved over to the new interface soon.



We are always happy to assist with event registration training.