Applying Credits and Overpayments

Last edited 9/29/2020


Example: The balance due is $100, the group has $50 credit on file. After the credit is applied, the user owes $50.

  1. Add the full amount due to the cart and click checkout.
  2. By default, the "Use Credit" is selected. Users do not have the toggle and must use credit.
  3. Enter payment details for balance and Place Order.


When you receive a payment that is greater than the amount due, you can mark the overage as unapplied, i.e. credit, during the checkout process.

Example: The balance due is $100 and the user has sent in a check for $150.

  1. At the user's registration or reservation, add the full amount due to the cart. Click checkout.
  2. In the Financial Summary, on the line item, "Unapplied," replace the 0 on the right with the overage amount (in this case, 50) and place the order. The $50 overpayment will be added to their account as available credit.


CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due. Learn More


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